Schlock Mercenary/Awesome

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Breya: Be a dear, jack in, and play the shields. I need to establish contact with the Touch-and-Go. Hull contact.

Petey: Welcome aboard, Captain. I see you made some new friends.
Captain Tagon: Petey, What happened?
Petey: It's a long story. Would you like -
Captain Kevyn: I happened.

"Those not wearing body armor are hereby advised to keep their arguments on-topic."

"No curses. If I get dead, it's 'cause I chose this."

Gripponan smart soles definitely qualify as force multipliers. With the right skills, they allow for amazing feats. And with the right intel, amazing feats become legendary ambushes.

  • The entire Longshoreman of the Apocalypse arc is one for Schlock, as he proves himself not only to be capable of forethought and careful restraint, but also proper leadership and quick, creative thinking, such as when he decides to use goober rounds to save his squad after their transport is shut down in mid-flight.
  • "Wow. They're like popcorn." "Weak simile. These have to be popped twice."
  • Tino shows that he has learned from his earlier instruction.