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  • NICE BOAT! [1]
    • The "Magical Heart Kokoro-chan" OVA episode gives a quite deliberate Shout-Out to the meme, featuring a lifeboat labeled "NICE BOAT" drifting down a river of blood...
    • And then Kadokawa posted up a short clip of a (admittedly quite nice looking) sailboat with the words "It's not finished yet" (or something to that effect) the day Haruhi-chan was supposed to start.

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  1. Explanation The final episode of the School Days anime was replaced with thirty minutes of peaceful landscape scenery, including a boat on a lake, after it was deemed too close to home due to violent incidents in the news. A 4channer decided to mess with 2ch by making a thread with screenshots of the scenery video describing the "nice boat". In a rare scenario, both the Japanese and American viewers had a good laugh and a meme has been born. Used to describe anything from censorship to being murdered. The real last episode coincidentally did end with a Nice Boat.