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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is a 2011 animated show that recently premiered on Cartoon Network, created by Peter Browngardt (a storyboard artist whose credits include Chowder and SpongeBob SquarePants).

The show is about five monsters known as Disgustoids who live in an underground mountain (the title fort of the series) and generally cause mischief either among themselves or with the people on the surface world while trying to fit in with them. Said monsters are:

  • Festro: The de facto leader of the bunch, a purple monster with giant fangs who only wears underwear.
  • Fart: The only sensible monster of the bunch. He also happens to be made entirely out of butts.
  • Dingle: The blue monster who acts mostly like a dog and speaks in gibberish.
  • Slog: The hairy monster with a big nose.
  • and Gweelok: A monster who looks like a giant puss ball.

The show is considered a spin-off of the Cartoonstitute short "Uncle Grandpa", which featured prototype versions of the five main Disgustoids. Uncle Grandpa recently made a comeback in the episode "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa", where he is seen as a Santa Claus-style legend by the Disgustoids.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome contains the following tropes: