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The bar I tracked my perp to just exploded in a blast of Hellfire. Which is annoying.

Member of the Earth Defence League:Why are there two of you now?
Tyler:If there wasn't, the world would have exploded, I think.

Member of the Earth Defence League:Ohhhh... Okay, then.
"I'm 907. And, and after a while you just can't see things anymore; I mean, I look at a star and I see a big flaming ball of...stuff. I know when it began and I know when it ends and I was probably there both times."
The Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who
"A 3 headed Rold, yawn."

Mayor's assistant: Am I the only one finding it a little surreal that we're getting good advice from a talking wolf in french maid outfit?
Mayor: Compared to some of the back room deals I've sat through, this is nothing.

Freefall #2139

beige Gzeaul: CQ-101, "erratic behavior". Let's see what's actually in the box.
green Gzeaul: You don't think it'll be a CQ-101?
beige Gzeaul: You weren't here for the M3 returns. Five percent of those were fraudulent. One box contained a freshly-killed mob boss. It was definitely one of those "just when you think you've seen everything…" moments.

Schlock Mercenary, 5 May 2017