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Seinfeld was, in the pre-Internet dark ages, the mother lode of memes (including, but by no means limited to):

  1. George's father adopts this mantra for an episode to use whenever he is annoyed. It doesn't work.
  2. The Soup Nazi and his cry of "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" became a massive snowclone meme, recognisable even by those who had never even heard of Seinfeld.
  3. Inserting "yadda yadda" is a common tactic for shortening a story, either due to attempts at concealment or simple lack of interest.
  4. The Unusual Euphemism for a penis shrinking in size when cold.
  5. Kramer once had a brief experiencing at acting with the sole line "These pretzels are making me thirsty", which became a Running Gag throughout the episode.
  6. Jerry and George are Mistaken for Gay, and spend the entire episode either denying the claims or stating this line.
  7. Jerry unknowingly agrees to wear a pirate outfit (puffy shirt) on national television, with this being his reaction.
  8. One episode was spent on a contest between the main characters on who could go the longest without masturbating, and not once was the word "masturbation" used, prompting an enormous amount of Unusual Euphemisms, this being the most popular.
  9. The contraception device Elaine uses is no longer produced, prompting her to hoard them and have far higher standards as to whether she has sex with someone due to limited supply.
  10. Jerry has this reaction whenever he encounters his Sitcom Arch Nemesis.
  11. George invented Vandelay Industries whenever he wanted to impress someone. In fact he invented and researched an entire alternate persona, Art Vanderlay whom was an architect. Moe's, a mexican restaurant chain still has a meal named the Art Vanderlay.
  12. Every relationship any of the four were in ended swiftly when they discovered some inconsequential detail they couldn't tolerate, with one of Jerry's partner's man hands being the most famous.
  13. The holiday George's father invented.
  14. George says this after he is fired from his job for having sex with his cleaning lady.