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A 1998 doujin game based on the Sentimental Graffiti franchise, produced by a circle named while(1);. It was one of the rare hentai Shoot'Em Up games, a combination rare even to the present day. Its genre is best described as Strip'em Up.

The game gives you control of a minute, futuristic-looking, possibly alien ship, equipped with powerful main cannons capable of obliterating almost anything in front of it. The only thing your main cannons cannot penetrate is the skin of a woman. Yes, you heard me right.

Thus, you begin your journey through the Sentimental world, stripping the 12 selectable girls (from the original game). Hordes of enemies stand between you and the modesty of the 12 women you can target. Will they prevail in guarding the girl's chastity, or will your perversion be enough to defeat the odds stacked against you?

Tropes used in Sentimental Shooting include:
  • Back Stab: One guide nicknamed a certain kind of enemy this, because they move from the bottom of the screen to the top. If you didn't have a powerup drone covering that back side, they can kill you by ramming if you happen to be in their path.
  • Backstory: Averted, since there is no backstory in the game itself. Alternately, this may be a case of All There in the Manual, but with said manual hard to find nowadays, or even Lost Forever.
  • Clothing Damage: Your beam cannon is apparently weak enough to cause no harm on humans, but strong enough to rip clothing to shreds. Yuu in the final part of her boss fight is the only contact your beam cannon can ever have with a human body, and the only thing it does is apparently only cause enough pain on her hand to move it away from her (censored) pussy.
  • Collision Damage: Don't hit enemies, except if you had a powerup drone covering that side.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Boy, howdy. Either dodging bullets distracts you from stripping, or the sight of lingerie or bare flesh distracts you from dodging bullets. Flying debris from the ripping clothes may distract you further, too.
  • Doujin Game
  • Giant Space Flea From Nowhere: One of the bosses plays this rather straight (since there is no backstory whatsoever, there is no way to truly discern the nature of the offending force), since it is the only boss with remotely biological form (a large insect). Relative to your ship, it's also quite large.
    • Your ship, to a lesser extent. It clearly does not resemble anything from Earth (at least in the present-day).
  • Naked Apron: What Taeko is initially wearing in her boss stage. Of course, you get to blast that to smithereens too.
  • No Plot, No Problem: Not that this game gets any less or more playable with plot.
    • What Happened to the Mouse?: The bosses, since there is no backstory. Why do they differ from girl to girl? Do they belong to a particular organization? Are they the personification (or mechanization, for that matter) of the defense mechanism of the girl we're fighting? We will never know.
  • Power Ups: They come in two forms, the powerful but slow-moving and non-directional missiles and the weaker but piercing and auto-targeting lasers.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Trying to spare one particular part of clothing (pantyhose, socks, skirts, etc). It will bar you from the boss fight, but is apparently hard enough to do to be proud of.
  • Shoot'Em Up: The rare Eroge variant.
    • This game counts as Bullet Hell, too, especially on the higher difficulty levels.
  • Time Stands Still: Happens if you hold the X button. It depletes the bomb gauge quickly, though.
  • True Final Boss: It will only appear if you beat both stages of the girl without dying and using any of your scrollstop gauge. It is considerably harder to beat than normal bosses.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Emiru sports one (under the large stuffed animal in her first stage), although usually you blast them to smithereens before noticing it.