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Nico Hayashi is a 14-year old girl with a heightened hearing and talent for changing voices, an ability she uses to con men willing to engage on Enjo Kosai, which in turn have given her a great insight on human conduct. Due to both her vocal talent and her understanding of people torough their voices, she is hired by an aging gangster to solve several situations on his behalf. During her first case she meet the robot-obsessed Iichiro Sudo, which she immediately nicknames "Robo" and ropes into helping her. Once her first case is solved, she declares herself "Sexy Voice", and goes on keep her and Robo's unlikely partnership.

Sexy Voice and Robo is a seinen manga authored by Iou Kuroda that ran between 2000 and 2003. A Dorama based on it was premiered in 2007.

Tropes used in Sexy Voice and Robo include:

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