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Animation studio best known for adding an almost constant stream of references and shouts out to other series in the backgrounds of their shows. This usually manifests itself as writing on blackboards and posters which change with every cut. Also known for having a somewhat minimalist yet oddly stylish bent to their own productions. One of the more divisive anime studios. People either love the style or hate it. Middle ground is rare. Oh, and keep one thing in mind: whether the adapted work was originally a Widget Series or not, the Shaft anime will most likely be one. They were also one of the animation studios behind Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

Akiyuki Shinbo has been their primary director since 2004, and is responsible for much of their present image.

Note that some fans refer to this just as "Shaft". Do not confuse this with a bad mother- (SHUT YO' MOUTH!), or a minor character of the same name in two Castlevania games.

Other projects as support include:

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