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Disney Channel's newest show continues to push the envelope in defying the network's puritanical censorship standards.

Rocky: I'm putting even more clothes on that one!

  • This wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't on Disney but in the same episode, we get this exchange:

CeCe: Remember when we were at camp and I wanted to race those canoes?
Rocky: They were very unstable.
CeCe: No, I'm very unstable! I tipped over the canoe, cut my lip, and my top came off!
Rocky: CeCe, you were ten. Nobody even knew you were a girl.

  • At the end of the episode where Flynn brings Henry to his karate class, Henry successfully "flips" CeCe. As Henry rejoices over finally being able to beat someone, Flynn says to him: "Now you can walk tall and proudly say that you beat up a girl!"
  • From the second episode:

Flynn: Which one of you can bake?
Gunther: Oh! That would be me!

Flynn: Big shocker!

    • Earlier, this happens:

Flynn: You guys aren't from here, are you?
Tinka: We are from foreign land where you would already be working in a factory.

    • You don't usually hear a joke about child labor on a kid's show.
  • The way how CeCe and Rocky were chewing the spaghetti (before their near-Spaghetti Kiss) in "Meatball It Up" is very suggestive.
  • An example of Twincest in "Add It Up" when Tinka has to explain to Gunther that they aren't going to get married. He seems disappointed.
    • Could be justified in that this may have been a custom in... wherever they came from.
    • Also in "Add It Up", Gary makes a lot of advances at CeCe's mom.

Mrs. Jones: My taser is fully charged and I'm not afraid to use it.
Gary: Right back at ya.

      • or

Mrs. Jones: (to CeCe) I hate to be bad cop here, but if you don't raise your grades, you're off the show.
Gary: You know, I wouldn't mind if you played a little bad cop with me.

Rocky: Deuce, where's your clothes?
Deuce: None of your business. You're just lucky we thumb wrestled and I won back my underwear.

Deuce: How'd you do that?
Flynn: Impressed? Would you say I... knocked your socks off?
Deuce: Okay, let's move on to another trick before I wind up naked.

Flynn: Yeah, nobody wants to see that.

  • In "Give It Up", Mrs. Loccasio mentions that she used to dance as a Vegas showgirl in her birthday suit.
    • Also in "Give It Up":

Deuce: FYI, Seraphina told me couture means fancy clothes. I thought it meant lady parts.

  • In one episode, Tinka and Ty have a series of ping pong matches (all of which Ty loses). Eventually, Ty does get to win, and their rules state that the winner gets to hit the loser with the ping pong ball. Ty refuses, saying he won't hit a girl. Tinka tells him he's "not a man, he doesn't even deserve to wear the pants he wears!"
  • In "Kick It Up", CeCe looks for new people to hang out with other than Rocky, leading to this:

CeCe: I'm so glad to be hanging out with you again. I really missed you. You wanna go to the park and meet boys?

Flynn: I go to the park every day and meet boys... eight year old boys!

  • In "Age It Up", the main conflict in the episode was CeCe and Rocky having to deal with the ephebophiliac relationship between 16 year old Justin Starr and his mid-twenty year old female manager. They most likely got it past the radar when it was revealed that Justin is actually 24 years old. Would have been a lot worse if the genders were switched...
    • Also, the lyrics to Justin's song "Not Too Young to Feel this Way", are very disturbing knowing that he is in a relationship with his manager, before we know that he is 24 years old. Lampshaded by CeCe and Rocky:

Rocky: Justin, we saw you kissing your manager.
CeCe: And frankly, you are too young to feel this way!

  • From "Party It Up":

Flynn: We need more boys in this house. I'm outnumbered!
CeCe's Mom: Hey, don't look at me! Factory's closed.

    • They even got away with an anorexia joke in the same episode:

Supermodel: I could just eat guys up! You know, if I ate.

Rocky: Well, my banjo prefers to stay in its case.

    • Also in "Hook It Up", after Ty teaches Flynn some dance moves to impress a girl he likes, Ty tells him to be careful not to pull something he might need after he's impressed the girl.
    • In response to being accused of sucking up to the boss:

Gunther: We have a saying in our country: "You can't get to the top unless you kiss the bottom."

    • Another example. After CeCe is used as a mop, Tinka comments that she has always known that CeCe is a dirty, dirty girl.
  • In "Match It Up", we got this:

Henry: So you see my conundrum.
Flynn: I don't know what a conundrum is, but I'm pretty sure I don't wanna see yours!

    • CeCe was seen wondering why Deuce was so turned off by her.
      • And then later:

"No wonder Deuce likes her more than me. I like her more than me.

  • The out of context scene in the opening with CeCe forcing milk into Rocky's mouth and then Rocky... spitting it out with a disgusted look on her face.
  • A non-sexual one in "Wild It Up", when Rocky, after trying to act "bad", breaks into the vice principal's office and bubble wraps it. Deuce tells her in order to escape punishment she should go to a vending machine in the subway, find the key to a locker with a fake passport, go to Costa Rica to meet his cousin Zuzu who will set her up working in a factory, and her new name will be Carlos Esperanza.
  • One of the songs, "Scratch" features the line (which could easily be taken the wrong way): "You need to get yours, I need to get mine." Another song, "Roll the Dice" is basically all about gambling...
  • They seem to be drawing attention to CeCe's lack of a body:

CeCe: Don't worry, in a few years, you'll have a figure.
Little Girl: You don't have a figure.
CeCe: I do too!
Little Girl: Yeah, if the figure is a 1!

  • Rocky claims that CeCe fantasizes about "how Gunther would look like riding a horse."
    • Then Gunther proclaims "I look magnificent on a horse". The grin on his face as he says it doesn't help.
  • Gunther and Tinka's show was about puppets who go through "magical" changes in their adolescent bodies. Gunther even has a puppet say, "I'm getting yarn in places I didn't have yarn before."
    • This is brought up again in "Show It Up", when Gunther and Tinka are supposed to perform with Randy, Candy and the Bulldog Bunch in the talent show.
  • In one episode, Dina says to Deuce (along these lines): "My Mama says men who do not like food do not like girls." Deuce then proeeds to eat her mom's tortillas as violently as possible.
  • In Rocky's fantasy of what happens if they are no longer best friends, CeCe is a pop star, who is asked if she had work done. She replies that she had a butt job and a face lift, and gets told that her cheeks look fuller... Which cheeks?
  • In "Model It Up", Flynn is watching a Soap Opera with Mrs. Loccasio and this exchange occurs:

Flynn: I don't understand what's happening. I thought that guy came over to clean her pool.
Mrs. Loccasio: Well that's enough life lessons for today.

  • In one episode CeCe is dreaming about being the star of "Shake It Up" and dancing solo. Rocky comes to inform her that she is dreaming and reminds her that she was making out with Robert Pattinson before going on stage. CeCe replies, "Don't worry, I didn't let him bite my neck!"
  • In "Break It Up", Ty is dared to switch outfits with the person on his right; this happens to be Gunther, who seems all too interested in the idea. When Ty shows reluctance, Gunther eggs him on by pulling him by his tie into the vacation house, earning him a slap on the wrist.
    • When they return in their reversed outfits, Gunther gushes about how good Ty looks, despite everyone else saying he looks foolish and embarrassing; he even goes so far as to place a hand on the small of his back reassuringly, which Ty doesn't seem to mind.
  • In the episode "Doctor It Up", Deuce mentions that his dad wants him in the family business, but until he's 18 he can't know what it is...
  • The entire Shake It Up : Break It Down album. Example:
    • Twist My Hips

Do feel this?
Do you feel that?
Are you ready to move it? Move it?
Cause I'm ready to lose it! Lose it!

  • In "Sweat It Up", CeCe's mom goes out with Cece's gym teacher (she'd been faking an injury in class and got caught) and it sounds like it didn't go especially well. The next day, the gym teacher tells CeCe she'll have to make up the missed classes in a relatively short time or go to summer school. CeCe asks him, "Is this because my mom blew you off?" She means because she didn't show interest in him but it sounds like something else ...
  • On one episode, a critic writes a bad review of Rocky and Cece's dancing on Shake it Up Chicago, so they spend most of the episode trying to dance for him to get him to give them a better review. At one point, they corner him in an elevator and tell him they're going to "razzle-dazzle" him. The critic gets a horrified look on his face and shouts "No!" I wonder what he thought they were going to do to him? *wink wink*
  • In "Tunnel It Up" Rocky says the only two people tall enough to dance with her when she's in heels are the guy who she winds up taking and the captain of the girl's basketball team.

Rocky (pouting): And she didn't ask me.