Shaun of the Dead/Funny

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  • Shaun of the Dead: "Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time..."
    • That scene turned me on to Queen.
    • "Kill the Queen!" "What." "The jukebox!"
      • Yelled while he and Liz are having a nicely choreographed battle against the zombie barman, hitting him with pool cues. The fact that Shaun accidentally hits himself in the head with his cue just makes it funnier.
  • The fence hopping scene, too.
  • The scene where Shaun rants about how there's nothing left of the real Phillip now that he's a zombie, just as Phillip manages to turn off the blaring radio.
    • Shaun and Ed's plans for the zombie invasion, culminating in killing Phillip apologetically with a shovel and having a casual cup of tea. Things didn't exactly work out that way. . .
      • More to the point, they keep going over the plan, streamlining the imagined scenarios more and more to the point where a heartfelt and drawn-out apology to Philip devolves into just "Sorry! *bonk*"
      • The earlier prediction of what to do that day is a little more accurate though:

A Bloody Mary first thing, a bite at the King's Head, a couple at The Little Princess, stagger back here and bang...
back at the bar for shots.

  • And the scene where Shaun and his friends run into another Five-Man Band of survivors who are essentially all of them, as played by much more expensive actors.
  • The entire walk to the mart on the morning of the apocalypse. Shaun walks through his usual morning shopping routine, in an exact replication of The Oner from the movie intro, without noticing that he's in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Ed's reaction to seeing a hole punched through a woman's stomach.
    • For that matter, Shaun's expression when Ed hits a zombie over the head with an ashtray and caves its skull in. And Ed himself:
  • Shaun trying to take down a zombie with a tetherball.
  • David's pointing a gun at Shaun's dead mum. Shaun breaks a bottle and holds it to David's neck. Ed also breaks a bottle and holds it to David's neck. Dianne complains, so Ed hands her his bottle to put to Shaun's neck and Ed grabs a corkscrew.
  • "Cock-acidal maniac!"
    • Even funnier in the alternate takes: "Big old gash." "Loves giant root." "More holes filled with pearly-white spooge." "Big old muff." "Ropey old twat." Simon Pegg couldn't keep a straight face.
  • Shaun and Ed trying to take out Mary and the other zombie in their back flinging records at them. Made even funnier by the fact that they're arguing over which ones to throw and which to keep.
  • Shaun and Ed not realising that the woman in their backyard is actually undead.

Shaun: Oh my God... she's so drunk!"

  • "Fuck-a-doodle-do!"
  • The scene where a zombie wanders into Shaun and Ed's flat because they left the front door open.


    • Followed by Shaun's almost casual confirmation that the one-armed zombie and Mary are still at the window.