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Shiny Objects Videos is an amateur video production company which releases its videos on YouTube. The videos tend to be short, quirky, and absurd.

Shiny Objects was founded by Matthew "Curly" Jeffers, who is also responsible for writing No Black Plume. He aspired to be a television sketch comedy writer, and just so happened to have friends who aspired to be actors, editors, or cinematographers. Thus, Shiny Objects started as a venture for them to practice and hone their talents.

The core group currently consists of Curly Jeffers, Daniel Androski, and Nathan Scheekluth. Previous members have included Wesley Williams, Erik Klingenberg and Evan Guido, and other people have contributed in small roles.

Because of the nature of the videos, pretty much every trope can be assumed to be Played for Laughs.

There have been eight videos so far. Every video can be watched here.

Shiny Objects Videos provides examples of the following tropes: