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  • The final page of the final story in Volume 5 of Empowered shows the scantily-clad eponymous character giving the likewise scantily-clad Sister Spooky a big hug. She also appears to be stroking Spooky's hair.
  • Usagi Yojimbo has this with Usagi and Tomoe Ame. The fans have been requesting some romance with the pair for years, but Stan Sakai has only lightly teased them for as long until recently, right before he has Tomoe's Lord decide she should be married without bothering to ask if she wanted it in the first place.
  • Nico and Karolina from Runaways, especially in the last issue before Terry Moore's run started. Nico tells Karolina "You pretty much always amaze me," and when pressed on whether Karolina, Victor or Chase is the better kisser, eventually says "Karolina". This is despite the fact that they never actually got beyond Almost far as we know. Oh, and it ends with her chiding the boys for being "such 'phobes".
  • Runaways and Young Avengers both do this pretty often, but their Civil War Crossover really went to crazy with it. Tommy calls Nico hot, Nico calls Eli cute, and Victor calls Cassie an angel (he didn't think people actually did that). On top of that, the Tommy/Kate/Eli Love Triangle and the Vision's crush on Cassie are more apparent than ever.
  • The title character and Michelle in Cerebus.