Silent Hill 4/YMMV

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    • Contested Sequel: By far the most polarizing of the Team Silent entries.
    • Dull Surprise: Henry's the master of this trope, facing unimaginable horrors and gruesome murders with utter apathy on his face and in his voice. That boy needs some more iron in his diet.
      • It gets pretty hilarious at one point towards the end. Henry displays some genuine disgust after breaking down the wall to the secret room in his apartment, covering his nose and gagging uncomfortably at the smell. Once he sees the source of the odor -- Walter's crucified, decaying body -- he goes right back to being bored.
    • High Octane Nightmare Fuel:
      • Those double-headed baby things.
      • A lot of the hauntings are creepy, but the shabby doll one probably takes the cake.
      • Wow, this is a long hallway, why are there so many doors? Okay, let's open this one -- wait, what's that breathi... AAAAAGH, BIG GIANT HEAD!!!!!
    • Nightmare Retardant: The belching Patients. Good luck figuring that one out.
    • Paranoia Fuel:
      • The idea of suddenly being locked in your home, able to observe the outside world, but not contact it.
      • Most of your time in Henry's apartment will be spent gawking at Eileen and your other neighbors through various peepholes.
      • At the same time, things will move around in your apartment while you're off exploring other worlds. Two sections of the game are spent trawling through a tiny panopticon. Oh, and both the phone and the bunny are watching you.
      • There's also the corpse of Walter stashed in a secret walled-off room in your apartment. Sweet dreams!
    • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Some fans complain about how the gameplay is quite different from the previous Silent Hill games. You don't use a flashlight, you can only hold ten items at a time, and the game isn't as puzzle-oriented as its predecessors. Rumor has it that it wasn't supposed to be a Silent Hill game.