Silent Knight

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For Life, the universe and Everything, this die will decide your fate!
Our Hero, Thomas, nearing the climax.

Silent Knight! However badly named, is a little story about the newest generation of heroes taking on “The Armour of Heaven’s Arrows” and becoming Knight-Like super heroes and defending the world from... well. Whatever the enemy are calling themselves now.

The Hero, Thomas Mason, is living with his mother, whom leaves him alone for long spaces of time due to her job. However, in a strange act of Compassion, she leaves him some sweet treats and a phone of some kind, while he lazes around at home. However, when his neighbour comes round, delivering a parcel delivered to her house by accident, he discovers that his mother was once a Magical Girl and that he now must become one, too, or something similar and save the planet from what can, at this point, only be described as “Bad Things.” So, with a bunch of people he doesn’t know, Thomas is forced to become a hero at a very young age...

Tropes used in Silent Knight include:

Author: Did you honestly think his eyes would be Purple?! That’s just silly!

After a long time, Vito stopped writing, glancing down at his effort, shyly. It was written in beautiful font, but said “My Mane is Vito and I luck for teams.”