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    Considering the name of the comic and it's tendency to be extremely cynical, there are a number of truly touching comics throughout the archives.

    • For example, the end of the "Come Back" Arc had many tearing up big time.
    • Tangerine and Lil'E. Nuff said.
    • This scene with Seymour and Lil'E.
    • This. It seriously made this atheist troper consider conversion.
    • This Sunday strip from the Fuchsia and Criminy love story.
      • Especially touching as the story being told could very well be about Slick and Monique.
    • The entire Devil Girl subplot is shaping up nicely as a CMOH for Criminy and Fuschia (starting around here and coming up occasionally for several months). For example, observe this and this. And it just got worse! Dammit, I need a tissue!

    "Did you really come down here to save me?"
    "Yes. Well, no. Not to save you. ...just to be with you."

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    1. One that's hers, one that's Fuchsia's, and one to fix the hope Fyoosh inspired.