Sir Apropos of Nothing

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Every heroic fantasy has its hero - the dashing, handsome, fearless warrior who will rush into battle, slaughter the forces of evil, secure in the knowledge that he will save the day and win the favor of the (always beautiful and virginal) princess of the land, and live happily ever after.

This series is not about that guy.

This is about the Sidekick.

Apropos is the son of a prostitute, born of a gang-rape by a bunch of drunk knights, and his mother is convinced that the universe has Great Things planned for him. Apropos is sick of hearing the word "destiny" being bandied about, and he would rather save his own skin than the world. It's a comedy.

There are currently three books in the Sir Apropos of Nothing series by Peter David (whom some of you might recognize from his Star Trek novels, or his tenure on The Incredible Hulk).

  • Sir Apropos of Nothing
  • The Woad to Wuin
  • Tong Lashing

There is also a five-issue comics miniseries published by IDW, called "Gypsies, Vamps, and Thieves", which picks up the story after Tong Lashing.

Tropes used in Sir Apropos of Nothing include:
  • Villain Protagonist: Apropos becomes one for the second half of the second book.
  • Who's on First?: in the third book. Played with at the end: "My lousy luck that in Chinpanese the word for "who" was the same as in my language."
  • We Named the Monkey "Jack": Entipy, the girl... and the horse.
    • The source of more than a bit of fridge Squick (hardly the only example related to her, of course, but still) when you remember their connection.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: He doesn't realize he's the actual protagonist of the story until some time after he chucks a rock at the default hero's head and takes the hero role by force.