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  • I dunno about any of you, but the first use of the Giga Slave was pretty awesome, especially (in the dub) with Lina yelling "NOW LET'S SEE WHO THE FOOL REALLY IS! GIGA SLAAAAAVVVE!"
  • The fight against Zanafar in Season 1, after Lina gets healed, turned out to be pretty awesome. Especially when Amelia and Zelgadis are pouring on spells into the Sword of Light for Gourry to use.
  • How about the first use of the Ragna Blade to cut through dimensional space in Next?
  • During the battle with Hellmaster Phibrizzo, Sylphiel suddenly reveals she has learned the Dragon Slave spell.
  • The Lord of Nightmares appearing after the Giga Slave started to go crazy and utterly wasting Hellmaster Phibrizo is probably the series CMOA!
  • Martina being the one to finally get Lina to use said Giga Slave. MARTINA.
  • In Revolution, Lina and Gourry's team attack of the Ragna Blade and the Sword of Light into Zanafar was freaking INSANE!
  • The Ragna Blade is almost always its own CMOA. For example, in Evolution-R, Lina uses it after Zuuma killed his own son.
    • What made it more awesome was that she did it WITHOUT CHANTING!
  • Prince Pokota sacrificing himself to save his people THREE TIMES!
  • In episode 10 of Try, Zelgadis fends off Jillas' mooks by going Guns Akimbo after an Unflinching Walk through the bullets. Yes, Zel pulled an Alucard.
    • Doubles as Actor Allusion in the English dub. Guess who voiced Alucard?
  • Fan opinions vary on what each individual character's CMoA is, but it seems to be fan conensus that the climax of Slayers NEXT (particularly the Lord of Nightmares possessing Lina's body to destroy Hellmaster Phibrizo, and Gourry chasing her through the sky and literally into another dimension in a last-ditch attempt to bring Lina back) is the show's as a whole.