So Bad It's Horrible/Haiku

Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

Something went wrong here
Really, really, really wrong
Can't watch anymore

—Willy Four Eyes

Someone make it stop
Brain cells dying rapidly
Kill It with Fire


This is complete crap
What the hell were they thinking
Hope they all got fired.


"Its So Bad It's Good!"
Said my friend. "Let's watch for laughs."
Now we're both depressed.

—Max Chaplin

Stupid film, it sucks!
Can't believe what I'm seeing
Who Wrote This Crap? WHO?

This is very bad.
Please don't produce any more.
Seriously. Stop.

I wrongfully thought
That this show might have been good.
The critics were right.

—The Hero Hartmut

"What the fuck's this shit?!"
That's all I could say about
these things of terror.

—Crazy Luigi

It's hard to believe
Someone actually wrote,
Much less released, this.

—So We Ate Them

How is it so true
That something that fucking bad
Can even exist?


That was so painful
Now I Need a Freaking Drink
For this piece of crap.

—That Other You

Shards of glass in ears
Can't fathom how this got made


What the hell is this
Whose responsible this crap
I just want to die

—Allspark Spin Out

I can't enjoy this
as art, nor as spectacle
Or even at all.


Now I write haikus.
Um, haiku haiku haiku.
I am a genius.