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Ah, so you want to write about the trials and tribulations of the teenage years, huh? You want to cash in on all the Angst and drama that always seems to come with it, huh? You have come to the right place!

First, be sure to check out Write a Story for basic advice that holds across all genres.

Necessary Tropes[edit | hide | hide all]

Choices, Choices[edit | hide]

  • The number of characters in your cast is very important. A lot and you'll have a great variety for your audience to identify with. Too much and the audience may get confused. If you are just starting out, maybe start with a small cast of four of five. Enough so you won't overwhelm yourself but still have the possibility for drama.
  • Related to the above, will your show focus on one person in particular or a whole group (Or groups of people)? Why should you focus on this character instead of say, their best friend?
  • High School seems to be the most common setting for TDs. Why not a mall? Or someplace where the main character works with their coworkers? There are plenty of options.

Pitfalls[edit | hide]

  • The Teen Pregnancy trope has been used in TDs time and time again, so much that most audiences expect it. Most teenagers, save for one living in isolated areas and being raised by overprotective parents, know about condoms and birth control.

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