Sonic Drift

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Sonic-drift-ss01 420.jpg
"Why the hell am I in a car?"
Sonic's thoughts on Drift in the first entry of Sonic Shorts

The Sonic Drift duology is a series of Spin-Off drift-racing games released for the Sega Game Gear, starring true blue and company.

The first entry, released in 1994, was a basic kart racer, with four playable stars: Sonic, Tails, Amy and Dr. Eggman. Rings could be collected to either give the player a speed boost, or give the player a jump ability. Gameplay wise, it is very much Sega's answer to Super Mario Kart -- it even has a map on the screen ala the original outing (but inexplicably put on the top of it rather than the bottom). Prior to being ported to Sonic Mega Collection Plus and Sonic Adventure DX, this game never saw the light of day in the U.S. or Europe.

However, the following year it did receive a follow-up, the aptly named Sonic Drift 2, which did make it overseas (and curiously retained the numeral in the U.S.). This game expanded upon the original by adding many more playable stars and tracks.

Tropes used in Sonic Drift include: