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  • "Yes, but that alone..." (dramatic finger point) "... is insufficient." [12]
  • Uh oh, gotta speed up! [14].

Sonic Generations

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

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  • "SnooPING AS usual, I see".
  • "Ah! Happiness is so much more enjoyable, when it comes from the misery of others!"
  1. The line reading for Tails had a few grammatical errors, especailly on the part of Tails' Voice actor
  2. In Sonic Adventure 1, Robotnik would say this during the final battles with Sonic and Tails. Constantly.
  3. The message shown on the HUD whenever killing one of the worm enemies in Toxic Caves.
  4. Message displayed whenever a bird-type mook spawns in Toxic Caves.
  5. A bizarre early sketch of Sonic.
  6. A common response whenever Stardust Speedway is brought up casually due to a strange sample being used in the most popular versions of the song.
  7. Thanks to the sampling in Speed Highway. Became in vogue during a fundraiser Sonic Retro was running. They even made a t-shirt template
  8. Delivered in monotone by Sonic or Knuckles.
  9. The Hero goal of Cosmic Fall, as explained by a particularly-grating Vector the Crocodile.
  10. Shadow misemphasizes a Precision F-Strike in a particularly narmful way.
  11. One Eggman boss in Shadow is a rapid-fire Mook Maker when not under attack. And he says this line every time.
  12. Can we just say "lots of Narm" for the rest of the Sonic quotes and be done with it?
  13. Silver says this A LOT during his boss battle.
  14. What Sonic says before a mach speed section
  15. In the Final Boss battle with "Time Eater," all of Sonic's friends keep saying a variant of this every time the boss uses homing missiles. Which feels like every fifteen seconds.
  16. Born from the Sonic Stadium Message Boards mocking the Fan Dumb's usual sentiments after noticing a tree on one of Rooftop Run's rooftops. Eventually Rooftree became a Joke Character in the forums.
  17. The explanation for the odd synths in Sonic the Hedgehog 4
  18. A clever mutation of Sylvania Castle
  19. Mixing White Park and Sylvania Castle's names around and getting hilarious results
  20. Narm, as usual, but more so due the Tails beard
  21. Alton Towers has a "Sonic Room" with audio from Roger Craig Smith as Sonic himself recommending assorted things, such as the game consoles in the room.
  22. A Tumblr meme where internet artists draw animations of Sonic running in a bizarre manner, often edging into Deranged Animation territory. The results are predictable.
  23. Knuckles has a history of battling Sonic because Eggman told him he was up to no good. At least three times.