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  • An ongoing dispute since Sonic Adventure was released in 1999 rages: just what exactly did the singer say at 1 minute in to My Sweet Passion (Theme of Amy Rose)? Nobody seems to know for sure, but to paraphrase Blades of Glory, it's [probably] provocative. Just listen to the lyrics all the way through. Consensus: "The Sphinx looked so cute, I had to shave it." In a sultry voice. And the song was long enough to be played during Amy's end credits sans lyric-masking dialogue.
    • It doesn't help that the background music (Crowning Music that it is) wouldn't feel out of place in a porno... and some of the rest of the lyrics are pretty.... suggestive. It is about a pre-teen in love, after all.
  • Sonic Chronicles managed to pack a bit in. Hoo boy, Rouge. And Amy: "You'll get Rouge germs all over you!" You'd think she'd be too old to believe Girls Have Cooties...
  • Sonic Rush Series has awesome music, but Intercourse with You is rather blatant in "Vela Nova". Especially when taken in account the context it was used (a fight between Sonic and Blaze). the moans, the noises of deep breathing and the sexy female voice moaning "lets do it" in the ending? veeeeery subtle.
  • Sonic Adventure 2 was rated 3+, perhaps surprising when you consider that the lyrics of the Wild Canyon stage are basically Intercourse with You. It contains blatant references to Rouge being "sexy" and how Knuckles wants to "get her with his tools" and is "feeling her in mysterious ways". As well as that, Rouge got away with Jiggle Physics -- to the point of Gainaxing at certain points -- throughout the game.
    • Also included in the lyrics to the Wild Canyon stage is the line "they wanna play with my emeralds?", and considering that the phrase 'the family jewels' is often used an a euphemism for...down there.... well...
      • I personally got the feeling that Knuckles was saying that he wouldn't let Rouge's feminine wiles distract him from his duty to protect the Master Emerald, and that he'd kill her without hesitation or remorse if she tried to steal it... but based on the blatant Ship Tease between Knuckles and Rouge throughout this game, the interpretation provided by the above tropers also makes perfect sense.
    • Sonic Riders also contains a blatant reference to her being 'sexy' - in the first Riders game, the tricks you do are named, though you have to know the right series of button presses to perform specific ones. One of the tricks Rouge can do while using a Skate-type gear [1]? "Sexy Shot". Plus, her default board is called "Temptation".
    • And the final boss. The fact that it's a moaning, writhing beast which shoots lasers from its underside could be unintentional, but where's the Eclipse Cannon pointing?
  • Knuckles' theme tune for Sonic Adventure: I was born by myself. I don't need a partner, I get it on by myself.
  • Now and then, various male characters try and sneak a peek at Rouge's breasts. Considering how huge those things are, can you really blame them?
    • In Sonic 2006, Shadow is particularly prone to this. There's one point where he trails off and just stares before she looks at him and he looks nervously to the side. This is on top of the rest of the Ship Tease between those two in the game.
    • In the final cutscene in Sonic Heroes, after Metal Overlord has been defeated, Rouge walks past Knuckles while saying she's going to go after someone else's treasure (she had been looking for Eggman's for almost the entire game), and you can guess what two things it looks like he's looking at as her chest passes inches away from his face.
      • And, although it may be unintentional, once he can't see her... tracts of land any more because she's facing away from him, it looks as though he stares at her ass for a second before he goes "Oh no you don't... wait!" and chases after her.
  • Happens quite literally in Sonic Chronicles's Blue Ridge Zone. To sum it up, you give a man (or possibly woman) in an outhouse a newspaper while he's 'taking care of business' and, in exchange, he gives you something he found in the aforementioned outhouse. It's prune juice.
  • In Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic, Julie-Su gets into a personal confrontation with Rouge the Bat, leading to this exchange:

Julie-Su: Let go of me, you b--

Rouge: Bat, dear. Remember it.

    • And ten issues later:

Knuckles: You'd do that, Rouge?
Julie-Su: She'd do anything.
Rouge: Watch it, pinky.

    • Earlier example: in the Spin-Off Knuckles the Echidna, one arc is centered around one of Charmy Bee's friends dying of Lemon Sundrop Dandelion poisoning. Take the first letter from each word and what do you get? Subtle, huh?
    • According to Word of Gay, they were forced to do this to get the Rotor / Cobar relationship through in the "Mobius: X Years Later" Alternate Timeline arc (though, in a subversion, on orders from the parent company to avoid the inevitable Internet Backdraft, than as a deliberate attempt to sneak it past the censors). Just look at these exchanges, and see for yourself:

Rotor: Having confirmed my findings of the entropic effect upon Mobius with Cobar, an Echidna scientist possessing a formidable intellect with whom I enjoy a close personal relationship.


Espio: Well, Rotor wasn't forthcoming, but I suspect he was also here to see Cobar.
Knuckles: That's not surprising -- given their history!


Cobar: My dear Rotor, and I say this with affection and respect, but have you gone mad?

    • There was also a nod at the whole early 90s "Teen Talk Barbie" controversy with a story involving Robotnik building doll-versions of Rabbot and Sally that say phrases like "I belong in the kitchen".
  • There's a scene in Sonic X where Rouge pulls a locket out from her cleavage. And 4KIDS LEFT IT AS-IS!
  1. just by holding right for long enough after jumping off a ramp