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Stan/Kyle (Style)[edit | hide | hide all]

  • South Park has many jokes concerning Stan and Kyle's deep friendship. And even when it's not part of a joke, a lot of their deeper moments simply reek of Ho Yay.
    • Early on, in "Two Naked Guys in a Hot Tub", Stan's father tells Stan he should hang out with Kyle less because people will think they're "funny".
    • In "Cheroke Hair Tampons" Stan was willing to give up his kidney to save Kyle. He also said he "didn't want Kyle to die until he did."
    • The "Imaginationland" trilogy included Kyle communicating with Stan psychically when they're in different worlds. Super best friends indeed.
    • The episode "Guitar Queer-O" plays like a break-up/make-up love story between Stan and Kyle, complete with Stan declaring "I need you." to Kyle at the emotional climax.
    • At the end of "Super Best Friends", Stan and Kyle announce their super best friendship, to which Cartman responds
    • "The China Probrem" features the most blatant Ho Yay ever: Stan and Kyle, sobbing in each others arms after Indiana Jones' Canon Defilement, outright saying "I love you!" to each other while caught in the moment. Shipping backlash in 3, 2...
    • The egg episode with Stan and Kyle basically functions like the episode "Guitar Queer-O" in some parts. "Nice Hat," indeed.
    • The episode name is "Follow That Egg"; in it, Stan and Kyle are the reason gay marriage gets legalized in Colorado. It's complete with lines like:

Mrs. Garrison: How 'bout our gay couple: Stan and Kyle?

    • Smug Alert!: Stan is crushed when he realizes that Gerald is forcing Kyle to move to San Francisco, and declares that he'll find a way to get everyone to drive Hybrid cars just to have his friend back. The rest of the episode is him trying to contact Kyle and fretting over his safety. Not to mention the hug Stan gives Kyle when he returns to South Park that definetly gets an "AW" from the fangirls.
    • The episode "Ass Burgers" is chock full of it. Stan and Kyle act like they're just broken up. Stan even says "I love you," to Kyle. Twice. That entire scene plays out similar to an enstranged (and violently drunk) ex trying to rekindle with an old flame who's moved on. Perhaps it's just me, but it sounded very Love Triangle - esc, what with Kyle talking about he's with Cartman (Burger) now, so he and Stan can't just go back to being friends.
    • In The Return of Chef, Stan and Kyle hug and watch the sun set together.
    • The two can be seen hugging or sleeping on each others' shoulders many times throughout the series.
    • In Death Camp of Tolerance, while Mr. Garrison is spanking Mr. Slave, the whole class looks on in horror... with the exception of Stan, who is staring at Kyle.

Cartman/Kyle[edit | hide]

Cartman can be a little too obsessed with Kyle. A lot of his antics involve humiliating Kyle sexually in some way. And while it sure ain't a healthy relationship, it does get very intimate sometimes.

  • In the movie when Cartman and Kyle think they're about to die Cartman apologizes to Kyle for all the crap he's given him over the years.
  • Imaginationland's subplot consists of Cartman trying to force Kyle into oral sex.
    • Averted, in the commentary for that episode Matt and Trey make it clear that Cartman trying to get Kyle to lick his balls isn't sexually motivated and he just wants to humiliate Kyle. However, that doesn't stop the context from being written in large, bold letters.
    • At the end of Part I of the trilogy, Cartman takes out a photo of a sweet, innocent-looking Kyle and lustfully traces his finger across Kyle's lips, while saying, "Make no mistake, Kyle. Before this is over, you WILL suck my balls."
    • When Kyle doesn't respond to the defibrillator, Cartman actually seems distressed that Kyle might actually die. When the General says that at least Kyle can no longer suck any his balls, Cartman's shock and distress transforms into anger as he attempts to revive him. He then laughs with Tears of Joy after successfully doing so, though it could be mostly so that as he can finally achieve his goal of making Kyle fulfill his humiliating end of the bet. The scene is amped up by doing a quote on quote parody of an emotionally charged scene from the movie The Abyss, where the main character frantically attempts resuscitate his estranged wife.
  • In "Fun With Veal" Kyle comes very close to kissing Cartman's ass to save some baby cows. Of course, this is just so Cartman can fart on him.
  • In "Man Bear Pig" Cartman hovers over Kyle while he is sleeping.
    • Later, Kyle risks his life to save Cartman from drowning.
  • In the episode "It's a Jersey Thing", we get this.

Cartman: You saved my life, Kyle. Deep down inside you're a monster. But you're my little monster.

  • Throughout "Smug Alert", Cartman expresses nothing but joy that Kyle and his family no longer live in South Park, and he uses Butters as his "Jew Substitute", but quickly comes to realize that without Kyle to react or argue to his antics, his life is empty and shallow. This prompts a StatusQuoIsGod through Cartman saving Kyle and his family (including Sheila, the woman who he thinks of her as a "big fat bitch," got a V chip implanted in his brain, and would probably be the heaviest person to carry) from the smug storm and returning them to South Park.
  • "Tonsil Trouble". Cartman gives Kyle AIDs and the two must travel together crosscountry to find a cure. Kyle will angrily and frequently remind or tell people that it was Cartman's fault that he has HIV, and is met with many, many gay jokes. Not to mention the massive amounts of Foe Yay.

Kyle: "Oh please, no reason! I got AIDS from him!"
Airline Worker: "Oh, so you boys are like that, huh?"
Kyle: "NO!"

Announcer: "These brave friends-"
Kyle: "Oh stop! We're not friends! He's the one who infected me with AIDS!"
Announcer: "...These brave lovers..."

    • When Kyle and Cartman were on the plane to visit Magic Johnson, it looked like Cartman tried to hold Kyle's hand.
    • Actually, Cartman did try to hold Kyle's hand on the plane, but let go after Kyle's angry "Don't. Touch. Me."

Cartman: *Takes his hand off Kyle's* I know, I'm scared, too.

    • Oh and this little gem:

Butters: Wow, you really know what you're doing.
Cartman: Yeah, I sneak into Kyle's room lots of times.

  • The ending of "Le Petit Tourette": After Kyle thwarts Cartman's plan to be shown on TV with "tourette's," Cartman hugs Kyle and says, "You do care!" (since he had lost the ability to filter his thoughts and would have ended up blurting out embarrassing secrets to a national audience). One of the embarrassing secrets Cartman would have admitted, by the way, was an experimental homosexual act he committed with his cousin. Although this gratitude could be just a ruse to anger Kyle and take away the satisfaction of him winning, regardless Cartman is happy.

Cartman: My cousin and I touched weeeEEEE...WEEN-ter is a very cold time of year!

  • In "Kenny Dies", Kyle sees Cartman crying and hugs him while the two cry together. At the end of the episode, when it turns out it was just a scheme, Kyle says "I don't believe it... I actually held you in my arms and cried with you!"
  • In "Funnybot" the translation for part of what Cartman tells the Germans about Kyle is that he's:

Cartman: A handsome soft Jew. He's fresh. And beautiful, beautiful.

  • In "Crack Baby Athletic Association", Cartman and Kyle sit together naked in a hot tub full of KFC gravy. While eating french fries. The French call it "boutine".
    • In the same episode, Kyle attempts to explain to Cartman his plan to build a crack-baby orphanage out of their profits. Cartman is so happy with the idea (because it will get the public on their side) that he pulls Kyle into a hug. Kyle finds it slightly worrying.
  • Season 16 hasn't been dubbed by fans as "The Kyman Season" for nothing:
    • In Faith Hilling, after Stan and Kenny abandon the meme all four of them had sworn to stick to for Taylor Swifting, Cartman holds an enraged Kyle and the two walk away together. They later sit together and share a quiet moment, in which no fat or Jew jokes pass between them. Although this is generally to reminisce of the old meme, it is one of the rare times the two get along regardless.
    • Jewpacabra is yet another episode focusing on Cartman's usual antisemitic antics, with Kyle taking on the role of the exasperated straight man once again. What's different about this episode, however, is that despite having the perfect opportunity to watch Cartman get his just deserts, Kyle decides to save him. And get him a blanket. And tuck him into bed.
    • Cartman Finds Love takes this to its most extreme. Cartman tells the whole school that he and Kyle are a gay couple and even tells Nicole "stay away from my man, bitch!" Later he confesses his love for Kyle in front of an entire basketball game, claims that "there's magic when they kiss" and serenades him while a heart forms around them on a giant screen. Although, this is only to get Nicole and Token back together, as Cartman is shown to be very enthused with their relationship from the start.
      • Note that the episode's synopsis says "Now, to make sure nobody gets in the way of true love, it is time for Cartman to finally let someone know exactly how he feels." The "true love" was initially meant to trip the audience up, and make them believe he was in love with Nicole (when he really wants her to end up with Token). So, that special "someone"? Kyle, aparently.

other[edit | hide]

  • Hell, Cartman performed oral sex on Butters while he was passed out from cold medicine and took pictures of it, and even had the balls (*ahem*) to say that Butters was the gay one.
    • Not to mention the throwaway lines about Cartman which includes him acquiring semen by orally pleasuring a man. Or his obsession with Mel Gibson. Or that time he whacked off Ben Affleck...or Stan's dog... or Leonardo DiCaprio.
    • From "The Death of Eric Cartman":

Cartman: Clyde, can you feel me? Feel me, Clyde!.

  • What tops this all off is the time where Butters spends the entirety of "Super Fun Time" escorting Cartman by hand. This invokes a very predictable response.
  • According to Word of God, Kyle is the "most likely" to grow up to be bisexual.
    • Not sure where that theory came from, but in this interview, Trey Parker says the one most likely to grow up to be gay is Stan. Guess that whole Wendy thing might not be as perfect as it seems.
      • That's funny, especially since this was much earlier in the series and Stan was still basically just Trey Parker's avatar.
  • Not to mention Cartman walking in on Butters in the bath.
    • And how he holds Butters' hand... While he's still in the bath.
  • In "Goobacks", the episode with the immigrants from the future, all the men in South Park are trying to stop the future from happening in order to solve the immigration problem. Their solution? Gay orgy.
  • Craig vs. Tweek is full of Ho Yay quotes; Craig and Tweek are also very Ho Yay.
  • Near the beginning of Tonsil Trouble, Butters kisses Eric in front of a room of people to show him that he's not afraid to touch him.
  • Stan's dad and Kyle's dad also masturbated together in a hot tub.
  • Does this count?

Terrance: That Scott really hates us.
Phillip: Yes, perhaps he's homophobic.
Terrance: But we're not gay, Phillip.
Phillip: We're not?

  • Matt and Trey themselves have a few moments during the DVD foreward for Cartman Gets An Anal Probe.
  • In "Fat Camp" Kenny gave Howard Stern oral sex.
  • In "Make Love, Not Warcraft" during the meeting to form a plan against the player who keeps killing them, we get this dialogue.

Cartman: When Hitler rose to power, there were a lot of people who just stopped playing. You know who those people were? The French. Are you French, Clyde?
Clyde: No.
Cartman: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Clyde? (Do you want to sleep with me, Clyde?)
Clyde: Alright, alright. I'll do it.

  • Cartman is the first person to notice Butters has gone missing in 'Last of the Meheecans'. In the context of the episode, it's not much - Cartman just wants to win the game - but given that Cartman and Butters have a fairly deep friendship in other episodes...
  • Damien and Pip have a bit of this in season one.
  • Bradley and Butters in Cartman Sucks; Cartman and Butters as well.
  • Kyle and Kenny is arguably the second most popular pairing in the fandom (after Style). This may be because of their game of spitting in each others' mouths, or because kyle seems to be the only one to show concern for Kenny throughout the show.
    • Mysterion, later revealed to be Kenny, seeks out Kyle for help by sneaking into Kyle's room through his window.
  • Stan and Kenny have their share, too. In Kenny Dies, Stan is the most upset about Kenny's illness, and later Kyle tells Stan that Kenny's last words were "Where's Stan?"
  • All of Kyle's Ho Yay moments with anybody are emphasised by the fact that he hasn't shown attraction to any girls yet. Stan, Kenny and Butters all have.
    • What about Rebecca or Bebe for her boobs or the substitute teacher?
    • And now Nichole. Keep in mind that in that same episode he was pretty happy with suddenly getting a lot of interest from the girls before knowing it was that Cartman got them all thinking he was gay. He's not shown as being that outgoing when it comes to girls, but he does have interest.
  • I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining. Kenny gives the other three boys herpes. There's also a lot of hugging upon the live action actors towards the end.
  • Cartman does this with the entire male student body when he very, very meticulously measures their penis sizes. You know, so he can "make sure they're accurate". Yep.