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  1. Episode 1204, "Canada on Strike!"
  2. A Running Gag for the first six seasons where Kenny would get killed by something out of the blue, causing Stan and Kyle to react thusly.
  3. Episode 807: "Goobacks". The people of South Park are angry that the immigrants from the future are willing to work for next to nothing, causing the more conservative townies to publicly voice their displeasure. An in-universe case, as well, as the phrase starts out as "They're taking our jobs", but through repeated use, degenerates into this. The episode "W.T.F." takes this even further.
  4. Said by Mr. Hat in Episode 101 as a Big No response to Kyle's request to go to the bathroom.
  5. Episode 615: "The Biggest Douche in the Universe", from a parody trailer of a Rob Schneider film, which consists of almost nothing but variations of the word "derp".
  6. Episode 508, "Towelie". Catch phrases of the eponymous talking and toking towel.
  7. Episode 611, "Child Abduction Is Not Funny". Greeting and catch phrase of Asian Store Owner Tuong Lu Kim of City Wok.
  8. Episode 905, "The Losing Edge". Randy says this every time he gets kicked out of Stan's little league games for starting fights in the stands.
  9. Episode 306, "Sexual Harassment Panda".
  10. Episode 1010, "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy". The police officers say this about Ike (a preschooler!) when it's learned that he's been involved in a Teacher-Student Romance.
  11. Episode 912, "Trapped in the Closet". Used as part of a Take That when explaining the tenets of the Church, most of which are indeed accurate. Later reused in Episode 1001: "The Return of Chef", replacing the Church with the more lawyer-friendly "Super Adventure Club".
  12. Episode 502, "It Hits the Fan". Cartman thinks Kyle's being too uptight about people saying the word "shit" after hearing it on the TV show "Cop Drama".
  13. Episode 1006, "ManBearPig". Al Gore is dead serious about the existence of Manbearpig, an analog for global warming.
  14. Big Gay Al's catch phrase
  15. Episode 607, "Simpsons Already Did It", when Butters-as-Professor-Chaos is constantly reminded that his schemes to rain misery upon the people of South Park sound very similar to old episodes of The Simpsons.
  16. Cartman in "Freak Strike"
  17. Episode 102 "Weight Gain 2000"
  18. Usually spelled BET MEEEEEEEM OR BIT MIIIIIIIM, after Cartman's odd accent
  19. Episode 1514, "The Poor Kid" where Cartman finally gets called out on his odd accent
  20. Episode 708, "South Park is Gay". The marching chant of the Crab People, who disguised themselves as the cast of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy in order to make all of the males in South Park "metrosexual".
  21. From the movie where Saddam Hussein possesses the computer used by the U.S. Military for their invasion of Canada, causing the general to exclaim the quote.
  22. When Blizzard Entertainment realizes people will stop playing because a Griefer is killing everyones' character in "Make Love Not Warcraft."
  23. South Park memes on memeing, Season 16 episode "Faith Hilling"
  24. Running Gag turns into Gainax Ending, Season 16 episode "Butterballs"