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    This is a listing of characters who appear in the anime and manga series Special A. Names are in Western order (ie. First name first). Beware of unmarked spoilers!

    Special A Students

    Hikari Hanazono


    Voiced by: Yūko Gotō

    38867 jpg 2989.png

    Hikari knows what it feels to always be second to someone else. After all, she's still ranked second in the school, meaning she's still failed to beat Kei Takishima at something: something she's been trying to do since they were six years old. She even followed Kei to Hakusenkan just to beat him, which costs her family a lot of money. It's not that she's incompetent, however: Hikari is still incredibly strong, incredibly smart, and incredibly pretty. She's just that oblivious to Kei's feelings for her.

    Kei Takishima


    Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama

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    So you're the handsome elder son of the filthy rich CEO of the Takishima Corporation. You're ranked first in your school and have a natural talent for everything you do. You excel in every single subject, from athletics to mathematics. Everything just comes easy for you, doesn't it? Oh, wait. That's not you. That's Kei. And it's true: the only problem poor Kei has is that Hikari just doesn't get his feelings for her.

    Jun Yamamoto


    Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga

    32395 5790.jpg

    The son of two famous musicians and Megumi's younger twin brother, Jun is ranked third in school. Because of his upbringing he loves music more than anything else: it's just that he has little to no talent for it. Jun, like Megumi, is fiercely protective of Ryuu because he's been kind to them since they were children and is always looking out for the two of them. Generally quiet and unassuming, whenever he's kissed by a girl, his Split Personality ("Dark Jun") comes out, giving him the ability to charm all women effortlessly. This was the result of a TV program he watched as a child. Jun is terrified of this because it caused the girl he was dating to dump him in disgust. And the reason he falls for Sakura is because she's willing to accept him despite this.

    Megumi Yamamoto


    Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki

    91160 6521.jpg

    Jun's older twin sister, Megumi is ranked fourth in school. Like Jun, she values music more than anything else, and is a singer. She rarely speaks to preserve her voice (and her singing is quite powerful as a result. However, her voice is gorgeous when she sings in an open area.. Also like Jun, she's very protective of Ryuu for the same reasons her brother is (ie. during tests he's making sure they don't fall asleep, etc.) Later in the anime she develops a crush on Yahiro. In the manga, this is after pretending to like him to make sure he doesn't mess up Akira and Tadashi's relationship.

    Tadashi Karino


    Voiced by: Hiro Shimono

    32393 2884.jpg

    The cheerful son of the school's director, Tadashi is ranked fifth in school and is always goofing around. He has a tendency to just wander around and do what he wants to do. He has a penchant for sweet things and Akira's cooking. Because of his personality, he ends up being the character most comically attacked by Akira.

    Akira Toudou


    Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame

    38863 jpg 8899.png

    Akira is ranked sixth in school and is the daughter of the owner of a famous airline company. She has a talent for cooking and is the one who whips up the group's afternoon snacks. She is very fond of Hikari and usually won't do anything unless Hikari agrees to it. She was good friends with Kei and Yahiro as a child, except that after Yahiro drove her only friend Sayo away she began hating him for it. She enjoys beating Tadashi up and they end up as the series' first Official Couple.

    Ryuu Tsuji


    Voiced by: Kazuma Horie

    32394 331.jpg

    Seventh in their grade, Ryuu is the son of a sports car company's CEO. He is very good at handling children, animals, and plants. The twins adore him, primarily because the three of them have been together since childhood and since meeting them he's always been looking out for them.

    Other Hakusenkan Characters

    Finn Coupe Shuzette

    Iori Tokiwa

    Hajime Kakei

    • Megane
    • Out of Focus: First appears to be set up as a major antagonist for the Special A kids, but then gets sent to the hospital and doesn't reappear until near the end of the series.
    • Student Council President: Although the student council is weak and ineffectual as compared to the influence the Special A class has.

    Sumire Karino

    Other Characters

    Yahiro Saiga

    Yahiro Saiga 5370.jpg

    An old friend of Akira and Kei's, they haven't seen much of him after a mutual falling out that no one likes to talk about. A seemingly affable young man with a sinister streak and a love of screwing with people's heads, Yahiro serves as the main antagonist for the first part of the series. A master manipulator, Yahiro does his utmost to conceal his real agenda from everyone, all while doing his best to look like an unsympathetic jackass.

    Sakura Ushikubo

    Alisa Appleton


    Aoi Ogata

    • Hero Worshipper: He adores Kei.
    • Ill Boy: He's rather prone to stomach ailments, which exacerbates his lack of appetite.
    • Picky Eater: Aoi apparently has an extremely dull sense of taste, and thus everything tastes remarkably bland to him. As such, he tends to not eat.
    • Poisonous Friend: In Kei's eyes; since Aoi is loyal to Kaname (Kei's grandfather) and instrumental in executing many of his plots, Kei resents Aoi's presence.

    Family Members

    Sui Takishima

    Nagi Takishima

    Satoru Takishima

    • Bunny Ears Lawyer: He's competent enough (though not nearly as much as his wife or son), but he acts about as old as he looks.
    • Hot Dad
    • Older Than They Look: He looks like an extra-tall version of Sui, although he's in his late thirties.
    • Wrestler in All of Us: He's a huge fan of pro wrestling, and attempts to wrestle with Hikari whenever they meet as a greeting. Stretching back, the entire plot is set in motion because of his wrestling fandom. He's a part of the same wrestling fan club as Hikari's father, who invited Satoru and Kei over to visit... which resulted in Hikari challenging Kei, losing to him for the first time, and starting her obsession.

    Midori Takishima

    • Berserk Button: Anything to do with Kaname.
    • Hot Mom
    • Tsundere: Unusually, as a reaction, not as a default. She's more tsuntsun towards people who act stoic towards her (like Kei), but she has no problems opening up if people are acting warm towards her (she positively adores Hikari).
    • Uncanny Family Resemblance: Kei looks like a male version of Midori with shorter hair.

    Kaname Takishima

    • Anti-Villain: Eventually revealed to have tried pushing Kei and Hikari apart because he didn't want to see Kei go through the heartbreak of losing someone dear to him, like he did.
    • The Atoner: Towards Midori, as he blames himself just as much for his wife's death as Midori does.
    • Big Bad: Drives much of the "keep Kei and Hikari apart" plot once they get their Relationship Upgrade halfway through the manga.

    Chitose Saiga

    Atsushi Hanazono

    Jiro Hanazono

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