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Oh, SpongeBob. How we love you for all the Parental Bonuses and sneaking some questionable content into the show. I guess this is why the Periphery Demographic for the series is high school to college students.

For the radar for the movie, see here.

'''Before you add an example, ask yourself the following: "Am I purposely taking a quote out of context?" "Am I reading way too deeply into an innocent joke?" "Is the 'hidden' joke the only joke?" If you answer yes to any, that's not this trope.'''

  • One of the most hilariously obvious innuendos in the series is that the Krusty Krab is located in Bikini Bottom.
    • Well, Spongebob does live in Bikini Bottom and is super absorbent...get it?
  • Sandy the squirrel's full name is "Sandy Cheeks".
  • SpongeBob SquarePants has WAY TOO MANY Ho Yay episodes with either Patrick or Squidward is common enough, but in the episode "The Two Faces of Squidward," Squidward gets plastic surgery after SpongeBob breaks his face by accident. SpongeBob's obsessive worry over Squidward's recovery, coupled with Squidward's new face being extremely handsome, makes for a particularly interesting episode. Then Squidward runs into SpongeBob's house in a towel and begs him to break his face again to bring him back to normal, to which SpongeBob replies: "But I could never hurt you on purpose!"
    • From the same episode Krabs tells the people crowding outside the Krusty Krab "Don't worry folks, there's plenty of Squidward to go around! Everyone will get the opportunity to touch Squidward!"
  • Definitely not reaching for this one, from the "10 Year Anniversary Episode," Mr. Krabs says: "Get yerself a case of The Krabbies - for your health!"
  • Also this bit of dialogue, from "Texas":

SpongeBob: Patrick, your genius is showing.
Patrick: WHERE?? (covers crotch)

  • In 20,000 Patties Under The Sea:

SpongeBob: BYE SQUIDWARD! BYE MR. KRABS! (seductively) Bye, Squidward.
Patrick: Hey, you said 'Bye, Squidward' twice!
SpongeBob (remaining somewhat seductive): I like Squidward.

  • All of the "Karate Island" episode. It's not the #1 most popular episode because kids get any of the jokes. Sandy has to fight a French martial artist called "The Tickler". A French Tickler is a feathered condom. Note that this is the same episode where Master Udon tries selling SpongeBob condos, and Udon explains to SpongeBob that he can be the king of condos. The use of condos is likely to be yet another reference to condoms.
    • Also, at one point, SpongeBob is tied to a chair, and Udon reaches into his robe, grasping something that makes a clicking noise. It turns out to be a pen, but SpongeBob's reaction makes it clear he thought it was a gun.
  • At the beginning of the episode Your Shoe's Untied, SpongeBob is channel surfing. He comes across a channel with a real orange sea anemone gyrating to energetic go-go dancer-style music which SB finds "entertaining" (leaning forward eagerly in his seat at one point). Suddenly, Gary walks in on SB,who panics and changes the channel to a football game, claiming unconvincingly, "I-I-I-I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary..."
    • They actually got away with it a SECOND time in Rise and Shine.
  • In Stuck in the Wringer SpongeBob drops his bar of soap and screams as it slowly falls to the floor.
    • They make a similar joke in the episode where SpongeBob tries to get Gary to take a bath; as he hands Gary a bar of soap, he tells him: "Dubloons! Don't drop 'em!"
  • In Something Smells, SpongeBob says "I am ugly and I'm proud!"

Squidward's response: "Is THAT what he calls it?"

  • The episode "Rock A Bye Bivalve" seemed to be nothing but an 11 minute gay couple episode, with such gems as:

SpongeBob: We made a commitment together, and you aren't doing your share!

    • Or Patrick's last line:

"Let's have another."

    • When SpongeBob and Patrick are on the walk with the clam, they walk past a couple with a baby. Thought bubbles appear, with the equation "Sponge + Starfish = Clam?" with the woman making a confused face.
    • Patrick promises he'll be back from work by 6:00 - and then stumbles into the house at midnight with a lampshade over his head, saying "Boy, that was some party!"
  • Another wonderfully questionable moment with Squidward is in the episode Artist Unknown, where he attempts to teach SpongeBob art (while SpongeBob is actually much better at art than Squidward could ever be). Enraged by SpongeBob's ability to draw a perfect circle, and later by an origami sculpture of them playing leapfrog, Squidward tears up the piece paper, which SpongeBob quickly sorts into another picture of them playing "leapfrog".
    • This is all innocent enough until SpongeBob feels the need to point out, rather suggestively, "That's you on the bottom." For some reason, this only makes Squidward angrier, and he tears up the origami sculpture. SpongeBob later tries making the picture again, this time out of ripped pieces of paper, trying to placate Squidward by offering a hopeful "You're on top this time!"
  • In the episode "Snowball Effect" when it is showcasing snow sculptures, there is a mermaid without breasts. Right next to it, there are two boys that are each holding large snowballs.
  • SpongeBob creates an unfortunate situation for Squidward by telling the Flying Dutchman the things he's said about his ship in Shanghaied; particularly that it was dirty. The Flying Dutchman tells the group that insulting a man's ship is worse than insulting his own mother, to which he gets the response:

"No, wait, it was his mother he said was dirty, not his ship."

  • In The Smoking Peanut, Sandy's response to SpongeBob running off, exclaiming that he has to go get his hair cut.

"SpongeBob doesn't have any hair...(pause with a disgusted look)...or does he?"

  • This little bit from The Curse of the Hex:

Mr. Krabs: *to SpongeBob* You gotta get up PRETTY early to sneak a pair 'o buns like that by Mr. Krabs!

  • In a episode, SpongeBob, while preparing for an opera, pulls out a note with a familiar intro, which he proceeds to read to the audience:

SpongeBob: There once was a man from Nantucket...
Crowd: (gasps)

  • The Battle for Bikini Bottom video game contains a reference to "Retirement Home Girls Gone Wild". Yet the game retained an E rating.
  • In the Mermaid Man origin episode, Mermaid Man dials a payphone asking "What are you wearing?"
  • In Slimy Dancing, Squidward accidentally creates a new move called "The Cramp". At the end after a mother comes into her son's room and thinks he's having a seizure, he tells her about the dance move, then you see everyone doing the cramp. In the background, you see the mother fish holding her midsection and rocking back and forth.
  • In Christmas Who?, as Squidward mocks SpongeBob for celebrating Christmas, a picture of a donkey shows up as the scene plays. It appears again after Squidward realizes the error of his ways.

Squidward: I feel like a... I feel like a...!

  • image of donkey shows up over his face, complete with "heehaw" sound effects*

...big jerk!

  • In SpongeBob Truth or Square, Mr. Krabs had cameras in SpongeBob's, Patrick's, Squidward's, AND Sandy's bathrooms!
  • "F is for friends who do stuff together! U is for you and me! N is for anywhere and anytime at all..."
  • At one point, Plankton is caught reading a sketchy magazine labeled "Mitosis"...
    • That joke was used in the season one episode "The Paper," where Squidward tries to ignore Spongebob playing with the paper by reading a magazine, and mutters "Mitosis, heh heh."
  • In the episode where Patrick temporarily becomes king, the beginning of the episode sees Spongebob watching a drama on TV where a lady reveals to her partner that "There's someone else" and brings up an old man - her partner exclaims "Grandpa?!" but at that moment Patrick's head crashes through the television screen.
  • One episode features a cake that has "Sorry about the scabies" written on it in frosting. Holy shit.
  • During the swear episode...my God. You can actually read their lips, they have been animated to actually say the swear words.
    • Actually, Mr. Krabs says there are 13 bad words if you are a sailor; otherwise there are only 7. This references George Carlin's "7 Words" routine.
  • The lifeguard episode. Surely there could've been another place for Spongebob and Patrick to pull at their shorts to check their tan lines.
    • As well as when a fish tells Patrick to put his gut away as there are children on the beach.
  • You can't forget Bubble Bass; try saying it really fast.
  • There's an episode where Squidward is trying to compose a piece of music but Spongebob and Patrick keep making noises and distracting him (what else is new?). They're playing doctor, and Spongebob looks like he is about to reach under Patrick's hospital gown. The camera cuts away as we hear Patrick give a happy scream and a squeaky noise. It's revealed later in the episode that they were actually playing with an unseen rubber duck.
  • Can You Spare A Dime? has a scene where Squidward yells at SpongeBob for not "being in uniform". When he comes back in a second later, he's wearing a French maid outfit. When he turns his back for that one brief moment, the dress has an open area for a bare back, and it gives a full view of his underwear.
  • In the episode where Mr. Krabs is attempting to feel young again, he leaps into what he believes is a nightclub yelling "Any port in a storm!" I wonder what he's talking about there...
    • "I guess you're gonna miss the panty raid." Didn't expect that from SpongeBob and Patrick, did you?
  • What about the episode "Donut of Shame", where Spongebob appears drunk?
    • Patrick cheering on a stuffed toy as she accepts another cup of tea, later mentioning how "she can really pound 'em down".
    • Spongebob is shown passed out with a donut (to which Patrick seems quite attracted) connected to him.
  • In "Spy Buddies", Squidward says "No, Mr. Krabs, it's that time of the month." Mr. Krabs yells "Battle Stations!", and Squidward runs into the bathroom.
  • Plankton telling Spongebob to be more assertive, followed by Spongebob sticking his finger in a guy's pocket and saying "Beep beep!" Plankton does a Face Palm and says "Not insertive!"
  • In Barnacle Face, Pearl's high school is shown and we see a (male) student pull and twist another (male) student's nipple.
  • The Flying Dutchman is seen hitting on a female fish at a party. She eyes him skeptically and asks him "Is that a wedding ring?!"
  • Spongebob humping the air while laughing during one scene of "April Foolin".
  • In "Are You Happy Now?" Spongebob tries to make Squidward happy by doing various activities to no avail. Eventually Squidward goes into a depression and refuses to leave his house. At one point, he throws a rope up into the air hanging it while muttering that perhaps "this would make him happy" as if to signify...Oh No! Turns out he was just hanging up a cage with a pet scallop inside.
    • Right before he sticks his head in the oven.. and pulls out some brownies.
  • In Mooncation, Sandy says while moonboarding (snowboarding on the moon) "I call this one the 720 nut job!"
  • This commercial for SpongeBob vs. The Big One.
  • Patrick tells Squidward to firmly grasp a stick-shaped object in his hand when they go Jellyfishing.
  • Plankton saying "Frankly, my dear sponge, I don't give a barnacle" in one episode, mixed with Parental Bonus.
  • In one of the newer episodes, Mr. Krabs has to get rid of burger buns to keep Plankton from getting a Krabby Patty. But when he tries to flush them and push them down a toilet, it sounds like someone going to the bathroom (according to a customer from outside the stall).
  • The episode Smooth Jazz for Bikini Bottom includes a fish with the words "No backstage passes no entry" on his lips.
  • In Oral Report, SpongeBob gets underwear goggles that make him see people in their underwear...including female fish's underwear. At one point, he also sees Mrs. Puff in her bra and underwear! How that got by the radar I'll never know.
  • In Something Smells, Spongebob says "Hi" to a mailfish, who smells his breath, and his face cracks to reveal another person underneath, which cracks off to reveal a female fish, which has obvious female parts.
  • This troper and his dad noticed the palms on the glove-shaped rollercoaster seats in "Tunnel of Glove" look like butts.
    • Hmmm...glove seats. What do you think?
  • In "The Algae's Always Greener" SpongeBob looks like he's having an oragasm as he's using "too much sauce".
  • When Spongebob does his Madness Mantra of "I don't need it" taken out of context it can sound like he's talking about drugs or smoking rather than water.
  • In some episodes, there’s a Blue Fish [dead link] character who clearly has a certain body part… how did Nickelodeon missed it?