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  • Takuto's Big Damn Hero moment in episode 1.
  • The reveal that Tiger and Jaguar are Ninja Maids.
  • The first time Sugata activates the King's Pillar in episode 6.
  • Not only is the fight between Takuto and Sugata in episode 8 incredibly Badass, it's also a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Studio BONES as it is quite possible the most well-animated fight scene ever to come from the studio.
    • The conclusion to the fight scene: THE BROEST OF FISTS.
  • When Takuto uses Tauburn's manskirt as PROJECTILE WEAPONS in episode 10.
  • Takuto's take on a pile bunker move in episode 12.
    • Also from episode 12, Kanako knocking George's ass out cold in two punches.
    • From the same episode, Kanako deciding to leave an impression on Takuto even if he defeats her... by stealing his first kiss.
  • The entirety of episode 16, especially the moment where Tauburn itself takes a level in badass and transforms into something even more ridiculously overpowered.
  • Episode 17. Takuto defeats the villain of the week by launching himself at her cybody.
  • In episode 18, Sugata using King's Pillar in Window Star's 1st phase.
  • Wako in Episode 19: " It's my precious Takuto's body. If you don't stop playing with it...I will stab it."
  • Episode 20. Kou, of all people, pulling a Villainous Rescue to save Wako from Ginta after the latter tries to break her seal.
  • Wako, once again, in episode 21. She weakens Madoka down a phase with her maiden powers because she was harming Takuto.
  • All of episode 22 is filled with a potent cocktail of this and Crowning Moment Of Funny.
  • In episode 22, when Sarina breaks out of character to ask Takuto if he would choose love over power.
  • In episode 23 Head a.k.a Takuto's father approaches Takuto as a stranger asking for directions, obviously intent on playing some mind games. So what does Takuto do? Without a single word, he punches him right in the face just like he said he would and then, as Head is lying on the ground bleeding, looks down and tells him "Don't play your stupid games with me."
    • In the same episode, Takuto's having trouble with three enemies, so Sugata tells Takuto to let Tauburn shoot Tau Missile with Sugata as the bullet. The resulting "Eccentric Tau Missile" takes THREE CYBODY CORES IN ONE GO.
  • When it looks like Zero Time is going to be unsealed, which will result in the volcanoes erupting, Kanako picks up the phone and tells someone on the other side "It's a go." When questioned as to what's happening, she explains she plans to evacuate the island on her boat.

"Why else would I have such a big boat?"

  • In episode 24, like it or not, you have to admit Samekh being revived was awesome to watch.
  • Episode 25. All of it.