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Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula)[edit | hide | hide all]

Trek archer 7280.jpg

The Captain of Earth's first Warp 5 starship, Archer had spent most of his life dreaming of going to the stars. And since his father was a major player in humanity's achievement of Warp 5 in the first place, his command is rather personal. This is also where he got his distrust of Vulcans, as they had spent most of his life attempting to keep humanity in and around its own solar system.

Subcommander (later Commander) T'Pol (Jolene Blalock)[edit | hide]

Trek tpol 4349.jpg

"If we expect to continue our relations with Humanity, we have to earn their trust."

Archer's Vulcan science officer and second-in-command, T'Pol did not like humans when she first joined Enterprise's crew. Of course, as the years wore on, she came to respect her human crewmates more and more, and shifted her loyalty from the Vulcan High Command to Starfleet and, more specifically, Captain Archer, with whom she would develop a strong friendship. (Falling in love with Trip Tucker certainly didn't hurt, either.)

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III (Connor Trinneer)[edit | hide]

Trek tucker 5596.jpg

"You expect us to sit up here for a week while the probes have all the fun?"

Enterprise's Chief Engineer and Archer's long-time best friend, Trip Tucker's "good ol' boy" Southern charm disguised one of the sharpest minds in Starfleet. Between his engineering genius and security head Malcolm Reed's deep and lasting desire to blow things up, Enterprise kept flying even when she probably shouldn't have and exceeded all expectations in the process.

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating)[edit | hide]

Trek reed 3768.jpg

"This is called a phase pistol. It has two settings: 'stun' and 'kill.' It would be best not to confuse them."

British, shy, quiet and reserved unless someone was in danger, Reed had a talent for getting himself injured while trying to protect his crew and his captain. As it turns out, he also had a talent for blowing things up, and with Trip's engineering genius, did it much better than the weapons specifications said he should have been able to. Although he started out isolated from everyone, he went on to develop a strong friendship with frequent verbal sparring partner Trip and became an anchor for Archer during the Xindi crisis.

Doctor Phlox (John Billingsley)[edit | hide]

Trek phlox 4749.jpg

"I must admit, I wasn't planning to stay this long, but the opportunity to observe your species on their first deep-space venture has proven irresistible."

Enterprise's Denobulan doctor, Phlox had a habit of using alien creatures to assist in healing and a curious interest in human "mating habits." Luckily for the crew, he was also quite good at keeping them alive.

Ensign Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery)[edit | hide]

Trek mayweather 6956.jpg

"I couldn't call a place home unless it came with a pair of warp nacelles."

Enterprise's pilot, Travis Mayweather was a "space boomer," born on one of the slow-moving cargo transports launched right after humans discovered warp flight. Since transports usually took years to get between ports, Travis grew up on the cargo ship ECS Horizon and probably knows more about living in space than anyone else on board. This also translated into a talent for flying spacecraft.

Ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park)[edit | hide]

Trek hoshi 4749.jpg

"I'm a translator; I didn't come out here to see corpses hanging on hooks!"

Not a fan of space travel, getting eaten, or aliens, Hoshi Sato was on Enterprise for one reason: She had an unmatched gift for languages. In the days before the Universal Translator, she was a critical part of First Contact missions, especially since she would go on to invent the aforementioned Universal Translator.

Porthos[edit | hide]

Trek porthos 1480.jpg

Archer's utterly adorable beagle.

Admiral Maxwell Forrest (Vaughn Armstrong)[edit | hide]

Trek forrest 9189.jpg

"Well, this may come as a surprise to you, Jon, but the Vulcans aren't talking."

The crew's Reasonable Authority Figure based on Earth, Forrest was also not a fan of Vulcans. He was, however, Archer's friend and patron, and was unusual for an Admiral in that he actually helped the crew instead of hindering them.

Soval (Gary Graham)[edit | hide]

Trek soval 570.jpg

"We don't know what to do about Humans. Of all the species we've made contact with, yours is the only one we can't define. You have the arrogance of Andorians, the stubborn pride of Tellarites. One moment, you're as driven by your emotions as Klingons, and the next, you confound us by suddenly embracing logic."

The Vulcan ambassador, he doesn't trust humans one bit and attempts at all costs to stump them at every turn. T'Pol was his original partner in crime, until she became the mask and decided she'd rather throw her lot in with the humans.

  • Ambadassador: He has since left that part of his life behind, but a hundred years before the start of the series Soval was a member of the Intelligence division of the Vulcan High Command. He negotiated one of their original treaties with the Andorians while he was stationed on an occupied planet as part of the occupying forces, and when he returns to that same planet a hundred years later he is able to keep walking and shooting (Albeit without hitting anything) even after having been shot.
  • Ass in Ambassador: Soval is an annoying Jerkass until Admiral Forrest gets killed off trying to protect him in the fourth season. Then he cooperates with Archer. And even then, he's kinda pushy.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat

Commander Shran (Jeffrey Combs)[edit | hide]

Trek shran 8414.jpg

"Tell Archer that's two he owes me!"

An Andorian space captain, Shran was slated to become an Enterprise regular in the unproduced fifth season. Sadly, the show was cancelled before this could happen.

  • Byronic Hero: In fact, ALL Andorians are walking Romanticism incarnate, praising emotion and the experience of passion, ritualizing the concept of a "duel" to settle differences, housing probably the greatest Art Academy in the United Federation of Planets...and thoroughly disagreeing with Vulcans (Realists and Rationalists).
  • The Cavalry: Shows up in the nick of time and destroys a Xindi warship that was about to shoot down Archer's shuttle, which in turn would have allowed the superweapon to destroy Earth unopposed.
  • Debt Detester: Specifically, to Archer.
  • Face Heel Revolving Door
  • Hero of Another Story
  • Large Ham
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy
  • With Friends Like These...: Although arrogant, militant and speciesist (his favorite nickname for Archer is "pinkskin", and he loathes Vulcans and Tellarites), he has a strong sense of personal obligation and provides more practical help than humanity's Vulcan "allies" during the Xindi crisis. Nevertheless, Shran often causes as many problems as he helps to solve.

Captain Erika Hernandez (Ada Maris)[edit | hide]

Trek hernandez 9395.jpg

"I'm married to Starfleet...just like you."

Archer's old flame and the captain of Enterprise's sister ship Columbia (NX-02), Erika Hernandez was a fiery Action Girl who appeared in only three episodes of the show. Somebody liked her, though, because she shows up as a main character in the Star Trek: Destiny novel trilogy -- and, if you consider the Star Trek Expanded Universe Canon, plays a rather sizable role in the history of the Federation. (Spoilers for Destiny are marked.)

Silik (John Fleck)[edit | hide]

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Dolim (Scott MacDonald)[edit | hide]

John Frederick Paxton (Peter Weller)[edit | hide]