Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes/YMMV

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    • Anvilicious/SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped: "Don't judge people by their appearance." "Don't hide from the truth." "Live up to your own standards before imposing them on everyone else." "If you were wrong, own up to it." "If a girl in your school has third-degree burn scars on her face and hands, and she happens to be wicked smart and articulate, don't piss her off."
    • Complete Monster: Virgil Byrnes. Dear. God. This guy makes the Joker look perfectly sweet and reasonable.
      • Mautz is a close second, for not only allowing Virgil to threaten his daughter in front of him, but let him hunt her down like an animal, and attempts to force Eric into his manhunt. Any pity for him is lost when he blames Eric and Steve for Mark's suicide attempt. After his "church and state are one and the same" speech, he may as well be Virgil #2.
    • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: Sarah Byrnes' facial scars. Though how she got them is good for a few sleepless nights, too.
      • Virgil stabbing Eric, and then chasing him through town with the knife still in his skin. And Dale having to remove the knife with his bare hands. If you have a weak stomache, do not read that spoiler.
    • Moral Event Horizon: Crossed repeatedly by Virgil Byrnes (he doesn't have an entry under Complete Monster for nothing); crossed a few times by Mautz, such as when he attributes Mark's suicide attempt to the other students in Lemry's class.
    • The Woobie: Eric, Lemry, Ellerby, Jody, Sandy, Carver... This one, 216-page book rivals the entire Harry Potter series as a deep, dark pit of Woobiedom. (And for the record, Harry Potter has an entire Woobie page to itself.)