Stealing Harry

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    Stealing Harry is a fan fiction written by Sam The Storyteller. Its summary says it best:


    "Stealing Harry grabs canon by the throat and disembowels it. If Lucius Malfoy got to Peter Pettigrew before Sirius could, Sirius would be a bookshop owner, Remus would have a steady job, and one day, when Harry Potter was eight-and-a-half years old, they might kidnap him from the Dursleys..."


    The work is very popular among Remus/Sirius, though others enjoy it as well. Sadly, though Stealing Harry is complete, its sequel, Laocoon's Children, is a Dead Fic. Proceed with caution.

    It can be found here as well as many other places.

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    Tropes used in Stealing Harry include: