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  • As mentioned on the main article, Steve Blum was hired for a hentai, a first (and only) for him. When he actually went to work on it, he saw some incredibly disgusting scenes. Needless to say, his reaction was to think "What the hell am I working on?!" and leave the studio.
  • When Transformers Prime got released on DVD, not only did the back of the case show Steve's name in bold faced, it actually listed him along with Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, and Dwayne Johnson as 'Superstar Voice Artists'! He's made it! Steve Blum has finally achieved the rank of 'Superstar Voice Artist'!
    • About. Damned. Time.
  • Him returning for Adult Swim's April Fool's Day prank for 2012, which was a Toonami block, recording new lines for TOM. He even tweeted to tell any of his fans to check out Adult Swim at midnight.
  • Got a Guinness World Record for doing the most videogame voiceovers and being the most prolific video game VA as of May 2012: see it here.