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  • Fan Nickname / Portmanteau Series Nickname - SBSC / SSC
  • Screwed by the Network
    • Not by The Hub, but by Cartoon Network, which somehow acquired the rights to air programming featuring Hasbro's characters in most regions outside North America. Arguably, Cartoon Network's action of putting the show on it's sister channel, Boomerang, instead of on the main Cartoon Network channel itself, qualifies for this trope. Not only is Boomerang not as widely available worldwide as it's older sibling (to the point that there are countries in the world that have cable providers that do carry Cartoon Network but not Boomerang), in countries that do have both, Boomerang is typically a premium size-up package pay channel while the main Cartoon Network channel itself is a basic package pay channel. This severely limits the availability of the show.
    • After much pressure (remember that SSC has a berry, berry strong fanbase in Malaysia), Cartoon Network has agreed to air SSC:BBA on the main channel in addition to Boomerang. However, the episodes are not only one whole season behind Boomerang, they're aired at an ungodly time of 6 AM, with no repeats- it only gets one slot for the whole day (It airs twice a day on Boomerang, and at more reasonable times too). Comparatively, CN airs their Cash Cow Franchise Ben 10, about 10 times a day, and lots of old classic shorts and originals reruns that belong on Boomerang in the first place. If that's not being screwed by the network, I don't know what is.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: