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  • In Strike Witches, there's Yoshika's....shall we say, interesting... dream about Lynette, not to mention that Perrine clearly has a thing for Mio.
    • Don't forget the way Sanya always finds her way into Eila's bed after her night shift--and Sanya is in obvious adoration of Eila. "Doesn't it make your heart throb?" indeed.
    • Charlotte and Francesca seem awfully close, for that matter.
    • Let's not forget Minna's feelings for Mio, either.
      • Based on the events in Episode 8, Minna probably transferred her feelings for her old boyfriend (including concern for his safety) to Mio.
    • There's also a lot of Les Yay between Mio and Yoshika, what with Yoshika admiring Mio like crazy and Mio's mentor/CoolBigSis role for Yoshika. The frequent Say My Name moments between them don't help.
    • And then of course theirs Gertrude and her sister Chris. I know some may argue that it's just a sisterly love, but given some of tone she takes in regards to talking about her little sister, plus the fact that their real life counterparts were married... I think it's safe to assume, (as a good number of Gertrude Fan's agree) that Trudey is a major sis-con.