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If you were to take David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino and a Luchador and lock them in a room surrounded by Sci-Fi movies, anime and Andy Warhol paintings, you'd get something quite close to the inside of Goichi Suda's mind.

Goichi Suda, or Suda 51 as he's better known, is one of the most Mind Screwing game designers out there. He's the head of Grasshopper Manufacture and is known for making games which create a unique, if slightly/extremely unsettling, experience. He frequently collaborates with music composers Masafumi Takada and Akira Yamaoka.

Common themes include assassins, hotels, Mexican wrestling and random pop culture references.

Games created by Suda 51 include:

Licensed games developed by Grasshopper Manufacture include:

Games currently being created by Suda 51 include:

On a side note, his alias comes from his name: "Goichi" is composed of the Japanese numbers for five ("go") and one ("ichi").

Suda 51 provides examples of the following tropes: