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    Axel Almer (Voiced by Nobutoshi Canna)


    "The tips of these scales...will turn you into a turkey!!"


    The male protagonist of Super Robot Wars Advance, actually The Dragon of the Shadow-Mirror's Big Bad Vindel Mauser and the lover of Mad Scientist Lemon Browning. When picked as The Hero, he suffers amnesia and acts like an all-around silly man with strange capabilities to pilot Humongous Mecha. He also tries to be a Handsome Lech, but horribly and hilariously fail all the time. When faced with his true identity as a Shadow-Mirror operative, he ends up betraying them and eventually be instrumental in destroying the organization.

    In Super Robot Wars Original Generation, they pick his villain self and he gets one more quirk: to become The Rival of Kyosuke Nanbu. This gets expanded due to a rivalry in the form of Beowulf, Kyosuke's Evil Twin in the Shadow-Mirror universe. He still ends up dead like the original version, though.

    ... Or so we thought, until the Cry Wolves of Super Robot Wars MX picked him up in the last minute and suddenly Einst Alfimi appears and merges with him moments before he's Killed Off for Real, ensuring his survival, regardless whether he's broken lots of limbs and pretty much can die of the loss of oxygen. Afterwards, he genuinely gets a Heel Face Turn, proven by saving his former "proper rival from original game" Lamia Loveless and executing a Big Damn Heroes moment to save the Cry Wolves from total annihilation. Right now, Axel continues to wander the universe, assisted by lolicious new partner Alfimi and ends up in the Endless Frontier while trying to rescue her, gets hit with amnesia turning him into "Ahoseru", from a mysterious foe. After dabbling in this dimension, Axel decides to return back to the Original Generation universe, so expect him to reappear in subsequent sequels.

    He pilots the martial arts-based, mustache-sporting Super Robot Genre Soulgain. They embody these tropes:

    • Ace Pilot: He pilots a non-Mo Cap Mecha just fine as shown in The Inspectors whereas he trounced and sent Kyosuke to the ICU room while just using an Ash Saber.
    • Aloof Big Brother: Lamia's "Aloof Senior Captain".
    • Amnesiac Dissonance
    • And the Fandom Rejoiced: He sure loves doing this: first, he reappears in Original Generation Gaiden, then he gets announced (alongside Alfimi) in Endless Frontier EXCEED, not to mention getting a spotlight in the EXCEED drama CD, or the mention that "Ahoseru" makes a return (though this is plenty justified as a means to establish a link between Original Generation and Endless Frontier).
    • Anti-Villain: Type I, following Continuity Reboot.
    • Back from the Dead
    • Badass Mustache: Not on him, but the Soulgain's 'stache is legendary: it's even the nickname of the machine! (Mustache Man).
    • Big Ball of Violence: Early parts of Soulgain's Code: Kirin.
    • Big Damn Heroes: TWICE in one game: he saves Raul Gureden, Lune Zoldark and Kouta Azuma from having to deal with Duminuss' homunculi and the Space Flounders so they can protect Fiona Gureden. Then, there's him saving the Cry Wolves...except for Foglia Esto...
    • Blade Below the Shoulder: It stays hidden until he's about to use Soulgain's Mai Suzaku, or in the final stages of Code: Kirin.
    • Book Ends: The Inspector Animated Adaptation of Original Generation 2 begins and ends with Axel fighting Beowulf, but the second time he's joined by Kyosuke.
    • Break the Cutie: It's implied that his "Ahoseru" personality is the way he used to be before his experiences in the Federation army (and Beowulf) turned him into the Noble Demon Anti-Villain / Anti-Hero seen in OG's.
    • Casanova Wannabe: During his amnesiac self, he adopts this personality.
    • Crowning Moments (Variative):
    • Defeat Means Friendship: He seems to be moving in this direction in OGG, though he's not quite to the "friendship" part; he and Kyosuke get along pretty well now that they're no longer trying to kill each other.
    • Defector From Decadence: In Original Generations, he used to be a member of his world's Earth Federation, which was supposedly so corrupt and decadent that it made the Shadow-Mirrors look like heroes.
    • Desperately Looking for a Purpose In Life: At the end of Original Generation Gaiden, he leaves Earth in order to find his "Haven", as , while no longer at odds with the heroes or the EFA, he also admits that he doesn't really know what to do in a world without constant war.
    • Determinator: Never gives up on his rivalry with Kyosuke/Beowulf, but drops it... or does he?
    • Draco in Leather Pants: People actually like his Jerkass persona for Original Generation 2 on the GBA.
      • Well, not quite: his villain qualities aren't really downplayed, he's just well-received because his asshole-ness is so ENTERTAINING.
      • Ensemble Darkhorse: And thanks to that, he becomes this.
    • The Dragon: Of Vindel.
    • Enemy Mine: occurs in the last episode The Inspector; with the rest of his allies dead, Axel accepts that The Shadow-Mirror's have lost the war, and turns his attention to stopping the Einst (and Kyosuke's Evil Twin Beowulf) alongside the Heroes. His attitude, and a brief conversation with Lamia, makes it clear that his actions are this trope, and not a Heel Face Turn.

    Axel: My battle with him ( Beowulf) is my highest priority.

    • Expy: Soulgain gets one in Endless Frontier (ArkGain), while it is itself an expy of Super Robot Wars 64's Earthgain.
    • Flanderization: Ironically, it's a fan perception of him that's become flanderized: as an antagonist in Advance, he had roughly three or so appearances in total where he got to interact with Lamia, and most of them involved his hatred of androids. When this carried over to Original Generation 2, the international fandom went into a rage because they had never bothered to investigate his villainous personality, assuming it would be identical to him as a protagonist, which began accusations of this trope. Ultimately, Original Generations changed his personality slightly to make him into a...
      • Hero Antagonist: While still villainous in a way, the Shadow-Mirror are portrayed more sympathetically, thanks to Beowulf, but Axel's more so, since his main concern is to eliminate Beowulf before he wreaks havoc in another world, as Beowulf wrecked his. Axel's rivalry with Kyosuke is justified as a means to ensure Kyosuke does not become like Beowulf (at least, according to Axel).
        • Minor correction. Axel, at first, had a hard time believing that Kyosuke could be any different from Beowulf.
    • The Four Gods: All of the Soulgain's attacks.
    • Heel Face Turn: this and this from OGG (non hacked).
    • He's Just Hiding: Even though his personality gets fixed, everyone's assured he's Killed Off for Real...(cue Original Generation Gaiden's second stage epilogue).
    • Hot-Blooded: He may act calm, but when he gets riled up, you don't get Tranquil Fury: you get Hot-Blooded screaming. Except if he's in "Ahoseru" mode, which means, he's Hot-Blooded from the get-go)
    • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl (Him and Alfimi at the end of Original Generation Gaiden.
    • Kamehame Hadoken: Soulgain's Seiryuu Rin.
    • Ki Attacks: Axel suddenly develops this after inhaling the air in Endless Frontier. With Alfimi's help, he can pull off some credible reproductions of the Soulgain and Vaisaga's attacks...on foot.
    • Leitmotif: "Dark Knight".
    • Made of Iron: A heroic Advance Axel tries to pull apart Domon Kasshu and Kazuya Ryuuzaki when things get too hot, gets hit by both combatants for his efforts, and manages to stay on his feet, clutching his stomach. It's later revealed that both BARELY missed his vitals; he vaguely dodged it by reflex.
    • The Mole: If he's the Advance protagonist.
    • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Well, as far as his flanderized self goes, it kinda fits.
    • Noble Demon: Persona rewrite in Original Generations.
    • No One Could Survive That: His survival may be more hax than Jesus Yamato.
    • Purple Eyes: Hard to notice in the game, but it's much more pronounced in The Inspector anime.
    • Shell-Shocked Veteran: His Original Generations personality displays traits of this, as he comes across as somewhat embittered and well versed in the horrors of war. also, in Original Generation Gaiden, he admits to feeling at a lost in a world that is not in constant conflict.
    • Redheaded Hero: Doubles as an Evil Redheads, too, depending on the Advance scenario.
    • The Rival
    • Rocket Punch: Soulgain's Rocket Soul Punch!!! Genbu Goudan.
    • Ship Tease or Fan-Preferred Couple: Gets two: with Lamia and Alfimi, although he's still pretty loyal to Lemon even after she's dead...
      • It's clearly become the latter, what with him and Alfimi ascending to Battle Couple status in Endless Frontier EXCEED.
      • As "Ahoseru", he may as well try to add some tease on Kaguya Nanbu, Suzuka-hime, Neige Hausen, Xiaomu or Aschen Blodel.
    • Shoryuken: The last part of Code: Kirin.
    • Shout-Out: Only in Advanced Portable: "LISTEN TO MY SONG SCREAM!! - wait, that's not what I'm supposed to say!"
    • Spam Attack: Parts of Soulgain's Byakko Kou and Code: Kirin.
    • Verbal Tic: Only when he's "Silly Axel", that is. Oh, and his Original Generations self sometimes slips it off too, korenara.

    Lamia Loveless (Voiced by Kaori Shimizu)


    "I can't become human, but I know what being human is like."


    Female protagonist of Super Robot Wars Advance, an android, latest creation of Lemon Browning, with a very very busty and shapely body, since Lemon's trying to play "creation of beings nearing perfect humans"...oh, and her outfit doesn't help. She has a no-nonsense personality, but deep down, since she hasn't spend a long time in the living world, she's a bit like a clueless child. When sent to the actual world, she damages her speech box, causing her to develop very broken grammar (woolsey'd into stuttering speech in the localization). As she spends time in the group she infiltrates, she gains some of her own consciousness and this in turn leads her to betray the Shadow-Mirror and eventually be crucial in defeating the whole faction. After realizing she killed her superiors (Axel included), creator and ultimately fails her original mission, she's Driven to Suicide, only to be stopped at the nick of the time. This gets carried over to Original Generation. In addition, she gets...rather close with Excellen Browning. Later, her speech box gets repaired, but it only makes things worse as she often gets some occasions where her voice turns into something like a little girl.

    Lamia gets hammered with lots and LOTS of unfortunate events in Original Generation Gaiden, including getting caught by the Bartoll/ODE in an exhibition gone awry, before she has a chance to fight back, stripped butt naked and tied up in danger of having her personality drained. Later on, she refuses such a thing and disrupts their battle data, indirectly saving her friends, and later gets bailed out by Kyosuke, only to be shot down by the hive mind of the robot, implying she's Killed Off for Real, and becomes a source of Cliff Hanger, since the trailer of Original Generation Gaiden ends there. Later on, Duminuss rebuilds and reprograms her to turn her against her allies. But shortly after, she's saved by Axel, who gets a genuine Heel Face Turn.

    Officially, she pilots the very girly, angelic Super Robot Angelg. In Advance, she can pilot the Ninja Samurai Robot Vysaga, though Axel can use it too. It becomes exclusively for her in Original Generation continuity. They embody these tropes:


    The antagonists of Super Robot Wars Advance. The Shadow-Mirror's an organization that wants to engulf the world in an endless war, with the reasoning that with war comes improvement for humanity. They tend to send spies to the world they are trying to invade and launch a surprise attack based on the information given. Led by Vindel Mauser with Axel as his Dragon. It's also the home of Lemon Browning, Excellen's Evil Twin, who proceeds to carry out the W-Numbers project, creating artificial humans as close as possible to a real human.

    While they seem to be petty villains in the Original Generation 2 GBA version, Original Generations fundamentally changes them into a form of misaimed hero. Indeed, The Federation in their dimension are so corrupt, life seems like hell, and with people like Beowulf on the Feddie's side, the Shadow-Mirror look like heroes. They're also responsible for the creation of some of the characters in Endless Frontier (Haken Browning and Aschen Brodel).

    Vindel Mauser (Voiced by Hideyuki Umezu)


    The leader of the Shadow-Mirror, this warmonger colonel believes war is the only way for humans to evolve and move forward. He has this mindset due to witnessing his world dwindling into corruption and weakness from an achieved peace by The Federation. His plan came to a halt when the government sent out Beowulf, prompting him to jump to another world (Advance or Original Generation) and lay low until the time comes to strike down the resident government, Take Over the World and fulfill his utopia.

    While he prefers to be operating behind the shadows, when push comes to shove, he rides to battle with the Zweizergain, a souped up Soulgain-like variant Super Robot. Tropes associated with Vindel:

    Lemon Browning (Voiced by Yuko Mizutani)


    Vindel's top researcher, with hints of being Axel's lover. Lemon is the head of the W-Numbers project, creating Artificial Humans to be as close as possible to the real deal. Thus far, she's made 18 products, though the prototype, Haken Browning AKA W00, is instead essentially a test-tube human, and it would seem that she's proud with what Lamia, her latest creation, as she came closest to a human being. In Axel's Advance story, she admits that if it wasn't for the situation that ended up with her being his enemy, and that the two of them had met at an earlier point in time, they could've developed a closer relationship.

    In Original Generation, Lemon is revealed to be the Shadow-Mirror version of Excellen Browning, a take on "What if Excellen died during the shuttle crash". The result is her parents recovering her body, resurrecting her through science, but because she wasn't a good enough Replacement Goldfish by her parents, she changes her name to Lemon.

    Lemon either rides an Ash Saver in Advance or a customized version of the same mech called "Weiss Saver" in Original Generation. Tropes associated with Lemon:

    • Ace Custom: Original Generations and Advance Portable only: Lemon customizes a Mook-level Ash Saver into the Weiss Saver. Aside from adding additional (and upgraded) Sword Breakers, it includes the Over Oxtongue Rifle Ouka Nagisa's Rapiecage uses, while removing the Gun Rapier and Laser Blade from the standard Ash Saver armament.
    • Anti-Villain: She's actually RIGHT about her notes on Axel.
    • Artificial Human
    • Attack Drone: Ash Saver's Sword Breakers and the Weiss Saver's Solid Sword Breakers.
    • Cloning Blues: Somewhat in Original Generation, though it's plenty justified.
    • Evil Genius
    • Evil Twin
    • Mad Scientist: Not so much "mad", but brilliant, though her subject of research is really mad (almost bordering playing God). And look at how she created Lamia...
    • Meaningful Name: "Lemon" is an automotive term referring to faulty used cars. Following The Reveal she's really an undead cyborg of an Alternate Universe Excellen and ultimately rejected for not being a good enough Replacement Goldfish of the original, you have to wonder whether this was intentional or not before Lemon got into Original Generation.

    Echidna Iisaki (Voiced by Mariko Suzuki)


    AKA W16. Echidna doesn't appear in Advance, but was mentioned having supposedly assassinated Admiral Leon of the Balms, which in turned got the Balms assassinating Isamu Ryuuzaki (Kazuya's father), and should she fail, Lamia would've been the one to do the job (this only occurs in Lamia's story; in Axel's, he's the one who orchestrates it).

    In Original Generation, Echidna ascends to the position of Advance's "Rival Lamia", usually contacting Lamia and keeping her in check. She seems dutifully robotic and doesn't portray much personality...until the assault at the White Star where, at her own will, takes a fatal attack for Axel, and ends up destroyed on her own will. Depending on the continuity, Axel either gets disgusted a doll he hated saved his life, or laments her death will bring despair and lower morale of the Shadow-Mirror.

    Echidna pilots the Laz Angriff and in The Inspectos pilots a black Angelg after Lamia switches to the Vaisaga in battle. Tropes associated with Echidna:

    Tropes associated with the rest of the Shadow-Mirrors: