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Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)[edit | hide | hide all]

Oh, Ivy can't hurt me. She gave me a special shot once so we can play and I won't get sick at all.
You mean you two...?
You and Ivy are... well... *crosses her index and middle fingers in that "I'm implying you're in a relationship" gesture* friends...
Y'know... friends... like...
Like what everybody says about you and Supergirl?

What?! Who says...? Forget it! Forget it!
—Harley Quinn and Batgirl, Batgirl Adventures #1
  • Dc Super Hero Girls cartoons and comics provide more examples from Kara and Babs having a very, very close relationship.

Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)[edit | hide]

  • In Batgirl 2009 #14, Supergirl reveals that she watches college movies, concretely the ones with pillow fight and Slumber Parties, and she is just dying to reenact them with Stephanie.
  • Later, both girls run into trouble, and Supergirl rips off her top to reveal her costume beneath it.

"Aren't you know..."
"Not unless you wanna see my bra."

"Does it have a bat on it?"
—Kara and Steph, Batgirl 2009 #14

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)[edit | hide]