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There's been a murder.


A long-running British detective series, running from 1983 to 2010 (at which point ITV withdrew their funding, forcing the show's cancellation).

Set in Glasgow, Scotland, it has a very bad case of Never One Murder. The series was named after its main character, Jim Taggart, who is no longer in the series due to the death of Mark McManus, who portrayed him. Rather surprisingly, the show has carried on longer without him than it did when he was alive.

According to The Other Wiki, the show is frequently summed up by saying "murder" in a very strong Glaswegian accent (e.g. a parody in The Fast Show consisted entirely of policemen standing around a corpse and saying "He's deeed, he's bin mudded!").

Not to be confused with Dagny or James Taggart.

Tropes used in Taggart include: