Tak and the Power of Juju

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No, this is not related to Jujubes candy, nor to the Tak from another Nicktoon.

Tak And The Power Of Juju is a series of Platformers that was later adapted into an All CGI Cartoon TV series made in 2007 by the Nickelodeon network. In the game, Tak is a boy who is the apprentice of a jungle-dwelling tribe's Shaman. When the tribe's patron Juju (god), The Moon Juju, is captured by the evil shaman Tlaloc, she is supposed to be rescued by a prophesied hero. But the tribe's greatest warrior, Lok, was also turned into a sheep by Tlaloc. So Tak gets sent in a series of quests to find the means to restore him to normal. It eventually turns out that it was Tak himself who was the hero all along. The game has had four sequels so far.

The cartoon drops most of the adventure elements from the game and instead focuses on the comedic ones. Everyone in the show is an idiot, though some are dumber than others. The gags come fast one after another, with common sense and even reality taking a backseat. In most episodes (each of which contains two stories) Tak himself is to blame for the problem going on, by causing them or making them worse. Tak is often helped by Jeera, the Tomboy daughter of the tribe's chief. The utterly bizarre Jujus are also usually involved. Lok is also in the series, still admired as a hero when he's really just a boastful coward (not that Tak is much better.) Some of the jokes cross the line of good taste occasionally.

Tropes used in Tak and the Power of Juju include: