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If you suggest a Trope which is basically just an excuse for discussion and listing your favorite or least favorite moments, series, and characters, you might be told to Take It to the Forums. Which are here. If you have gotten known, you are already a signed-up member.

The wiki itself is not really a place for random discussion. To be a Trope, something has to be measurable, its examples meeting a certain fixed definition rather than depending on the whims of the tropers who add them. "I like it / I don't like it" doesn't meet that standard. Although several tropes of this variety have been deemed worthwhile enough to slip through that net (or have been grandfathered in from the pre-forums era), it'll be an uphill climb to convince the Hive Mind that we need another, and you'll probably be told to Take It to the Forums at least once.

However, unlike the forums over on The Other Tropes Wiki, the All The Tropes forums are not a free-wheeling community in and of itself. The founders of ATT are of the opinion that the TVT Forums long ago became a case of the tail wagging the dog, and that some of the decay of that site can be laid to rest at the feet of their forums. For this reason, the forums at All The Tropes are limited entirely to matters of trope and wiki contributions, image selection, and technical support. Having too many forums encourages people to live in the forums, and forget what the wiki is there for (or that the wiki is there at all).

Also please note that All The Tropes does not have a place for personal anecdotes, what were once known as Troper Tales, either in the wiki or in the forums.