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  2. Creator's Pet
  3. The Chris Carter Effect
  4. Flanderization
  5. Dan Browned
  6. Takahashi Couple
  7. Capcom Sequel Stagnation
  8. X-Pac Heat
  9. Macekre
  • Amiright and Whatfreaks seem to both be Take Thats to music in general.
  • Wikipedia itself sometimes manages to sneak these in; for example, the page for Deus Ex Machina once had a "See Also" section that points you to Breaking Dawn...
  • The Transformers Wiki tends to throw these at the elitist fandom, being that it's not a Wiki restricted by Serious Business, you can see how, they basically named the Ruined FOREVER Trope, and even link to our Ruined FOREVER page. There are other Take Thats, mostly bordering on the idiotic logic of the Transformers fanbase, on one of the timeline pages, they put the beginning of the universe, and it says:

The Big Bang creates the universe as we know it. The protons, neutrons, and electrons that will eventually compose Transformers are formed, thereby ruining the Transformers franchise forever. A Thursday.

    • Beyond fandom, there are plenty of Take Thats directed at certain people involved in Transformers, notably Pat Lee, Shane McCarthy and Andy Schmidt.
    • That quote was edited to not include the "Ruined Forever" part, now.
    • Their page on Wolverine describes him as "A completely unlikable asshole".
    • Their Original Page on Dan DiDio called him Satan. Now he's just called Dr Phil.
  • RationalWiki, being what it is, will very frequently take pot shots at various crank beliefs. Almost every article about a pseudoscience is a Take That.
    • At one point, their article about TV Tropes pretty much claimed that they Jumped the Shark after the changes that include giving YMMV its own section.
  • The South Sydney Rugby League team's theme song lists all the teams Souths have beaten in grand finals:

Other New Media


"I'm a critic, I criticize things, its my job. If I put balls in my mouth for a living, I'd be a prostitute... or a Gamespot employee."

    • His "review" of Duke Nukem Forever is essentially a Take That against the whole series and anyone who's still a fan of it.
      • And especially the developers and producers.
  • The Spoony One, in a parody of a scene in Final Fantasy VIII during his review of it, dreams of an alternate version of himself tearing Final Fantasy VII a new one, one of the reasons for doing so being that he enjoys pissing off creepy fan-boys. The rest of the review alternates between reviewing the game and delivering Take Thats to the Final Fantasy VII fan-base and the majority of otakus out there.

Spoony: I can't grudge the game for changing with the times, and I don't neccessarily hate Final Fantasy VII. I just hate the people who obsess over it.

  • Strong Bad once received an e-mail asking if he ever played mini-golf. The sender signed his name as "Somebody no one cares about in Iowa". Strong Bad wittily remarks "Also known as, everyone in Iowa". He has also claimed that the worst word that can be paired up with "fan" is, of course, fiction. He ALSO took a jab at Mary Sues with the line, "You can't just start adding terrible new characters!". Well, it was probably unintentional, but still a great summary nonetheless.
    • In the email "rough copy" Homestar advertises his Malinko-brand (or possibly just Malinko-flavored) flavored water as "crystal clear like domestic beer". Aside from the inherent Homestarishness of the rhyme, this could also be a crack at mainstream American beers, specifically, the derision with which it's met by foreigners and snooty American beer enthusiasts.
  • Before a climactic battle between The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd, the 'Nerd was forced to review a bad movie, while the Nostalgia Critic had to review a video game. He opened up his review of Bebe's Kids with...

Nostalgia Critic: Hey, you! I'm the Angry Video Game Critic! I have a small penis and like to eat elephant shit for breakfast! Ha ha ha!

    • He also started that video using the theme song of AVGN, with a few lyrics changed and the AVGN logo, with the Nerd part crossed over and Critic written at the bottom. As a response to people saying that the Nostalgia Critic is a Angry Video Game Nerd copy.
    • He also took a swipe at The Irate Gamer, saying that the AVGN had become "The Irate Gamer to his genius" when he found out that the AVGN was also doing a review on "The Wizard." Seconds later he said that was "going too far."
      • This is even funnier when you remember that he just delivered over 50 scathing insults that would make R. Lee Ermey blush. But calling him the The Irate Gamer? THAT'S TOO FAR!
    • During his review of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation he remarked that the special effects were so bad it looks like they were made by the Angry Video Game Nerd.
    • Doug Walker himself proves he can be just as vicious as his characters when he lets loose with "The Tommy Wiseau Show", a response to the NC review of The Room being taken down. Wiseau himself is parodied, though surprisingly in an almost affectionate way, given the circumstances. The vitriol is saved for a behind-the-scenes functionary named John, who runs theroommovie.com, and with whom TGWTG obviously had extensive dealings in the aftermath of the removal. Walker doesn't hold back in portraying him as completely insane, hysterical, greedy, and obsessive. By the end, he even seems to be inciting viewers to "contact" him by crying "I'm John from theroommovie.com!" over and over again.
      • And the Tommy Wiseau started the Tommy Wi-Show
    • You have to look closely, but in his review of A Troll in Central Park, he briefly lists bad things about Stanley the troll. One of them is, "He's the only troll more annoying than the ones on Encyclopedia Dramatica".
    • The number one spot in the Top 11 Dumbasses in Distress.
    • In his "Top Ten Films I Like But Everyone Else Hates" he has a Take That to his creepier Fan Dumb. He says that he loves The Cable Guy because he's got to know more people like Jim Carrey's character ever since he got internet famous.
    • In his review of the live action Grinch movie:

"But I know the Whos have the Christmas spirit in check." (cut to a scene of two Whos competing against each other) "Wait, scratch that; they're as phony as Glenn Beck.


Danielle Champney: If you're watching me die right now, I hope you rot in hell. I hope you experience a fraction of the pain and fear my classmates and I have. I hope you get cancer or AIDS and I hope it fucking hurts. I hope that when Death comes for you you'll be begging for it while it takes its sweet ass time finishing you off. I fucking hope your life has been miserable and I hope it only gets worse. You're scum. You're disgusting. The kids that died here deserved the life that was wasted on you. It should be you here. Not me.


Aisha: "Look at Paris Hilton, or better yet, don't. Famous for being famous, not because she has anything approaching talent."


How can you tell this is an iPhone? The battery is low.


Superman: Spiderman sold his marriage to the devil? That's so... lame.

    • And again poking fun at Twilight and showing why dating vampires can be very dangerous.
  • The Defrosters do this pretty much ever episode in reference to World of Warcraft, Degrassi the Next Generation, Harry Potter, and everything else they can think of. Most recently, the WoW player justified playing Dungeons & Dragons by saying she was playing 4th edition.
  • The Nostalgia Chick takes quite a few potshots at Disney in her videos. So much so that in her overview of Disney Princesses that a ninja was sent to silence her at the end.
    • During her review of Spice World, there was an affectionate (she loves Monty Python and Ricky Gervais) Take That to British Comedy: "I think they're trying to make this funny. I'm not sure, they are British."
    • She really hates Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. Her Teen Witch review asks the lead to get the former impeached and her most rage-filled review says it was worse than seven holocausts and Nixon rubbing his taint on a camera for ninety minutes.
  • In the Chaos Timeline, Berlin is an uninteresting medium city. And Japan is a poor, undeveloped protectorate of China.
  • During his Let's Play of The Force Unleashed, when he comes to the Boss Battle with Darth Maul, General Secura goes on a rant about how Darth Maul is the Creator's Pet of the Star Wars franchise. And that General Grievous was way cooler than him.
  • The Insane Quest, when not making fun of itself, has been known to take the occasional jab at others. One memorable example is when the main characters are sent to Hell, only to discover that the whole place is run by Activision and Bobby Kotick is Satan.
    • Also, the only movie available to watch in Hell is High School Musical.
    • Eddie Cohen, being an not-so-affectionate parody of another fictional vampire, is chock full of these. Sarah, the closest thing to a love interest Eddie has, could also count, seeing as her independance and ability to fend for herself effectively makes her the "anti-Bella".
  • Akinator has no opinions on his own on the characters, real and fictional, he's guessing; but since his knowledge base is made up of contributions by millions of people worldwide, his questions tend to betray the sympathies of the Internet at large. So, when you're trying to guess George W. Bush, Akinator will innocently base his guess off questions such as "Is your character arrogant?" or "Is your character generally disliked?"
    • Also, the picture for the character "You" (the player) depicts an ape.
  • Network Executives are NOT well liked on the Nerdist Podcast

Chris: Sorry, I'm an executive, I don't have an imagination, so you're going to have to explain everything to me in great detail.

  • White phosphorus was described as "a chemical which was used by some bad guys" in Chaos Fighters II-Chemical siege, a thinly veiled take that against usage of it in warfare, specifically Israel.
  • Rooster Teeth Shorts gives one to Rebecca Black, during Fight or Flight [dead link] credits : Music by Rebecca Black.
  • EPICMEALTIME: "Am I right, hater? STOP HATIN'!"
    • In "Epic Meat Salad":

"What'you know about health? 'Salad'? **** SALAD!!!"

  • Metokur is like this most of the time towards deviants they write insulting articles about, sometimes it's so horrible the artists have to deactivate their accounts. Metokur = jerkass central.
  • The creators of the Global Guardians PBEM Universe really don't like the New England Patriots football team. A football-themed superhero named "The Patriot", who based his costume on the team's uniform, is seen by the general public as more of a dirty-fighting, grand-standing loudmouth with no actual talent, rather than as an effective crime-fighter.
    • According to the settings timeline, shortly after the Patriots pulled off the infamous "Snow Plow Play", a group of supervillains (all of whom were major Miami Dolphins fans), hunted down and murdered the entire team's lineup. It was nearly ten years before the owners restarted the franchise, and the team has been at the bottom of the NFL rankings since that point.
  • SCP Foundation has SCP-1550-j which warps reality and turns it into X-Men. It does take several jabs at the series:

Almost everyone will be friends with everyone else, and a good percent are paired up with a member of the opposite or same sex. It is hard to tell the exact amount however, because these relationships frequently shift; there are often fights, and what the teenagers refer to as "drama"
The SCP's abilities will become vastly oversimplified, and lose all scientific basis.


You know. There are lot of people who are just irate. Gamers who are so busy nitpicking all the bad games out there that they won't know a good one if it let up squeezed the life out of them or threw apples at their heads... I forgot my transition here but the punchline here is Aladdin.

  • In part of an April Fool's special of Atop the Fourth Wall, Linkara brutally parodies The Irate Gamer videos. Basically his video sums up nearly every complaint people make about the IG, such as getting information wrong, acting like things were overly difficult, among other things.
  • In this Random Crap with Homestar Runner video, Strong Bad watches TV. At one point, he comes across My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, then screams and chants "MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!"
  • Team Starkid's musical Starship has the Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration.

Up: Damn that G.L.E.E.! They're always making twisted abominations of everything!


8. Not allowed to add pictures of officers I don’t like to War Criminal posters.


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