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  • A possible example in "Gruel and Unusual Punishment", where after Baloo falls on top of her, Rebecca commented that he apparently lost weight. Note how Rebecca apparently knows enough about how Baloo feels on top of her to notice he's lost weight.
  • And in "My Fair Baloo".

Baloo: Oh, and one more thing; take off your clothes... * sniggers* On the double, Beckers.

  • Not to mention in "The Balooest of the Blue Bloods".

Baloo: (Dresses as a woman, complete with big fake breasts) What's with you buddy? Never seen a set of Bongos before?

  • From "Her Chance to Dream", it seems Rebecca may have made a few choice words:

Waiter: (Answering a phone call from Rebecca) Where's the hullaballoo? Oh, that Baloo!

  • Also at the end of "The Time Bandit", notice that when Sally is carrying Baloo, he is obviously grabbing her butt. Granted, she is an anthropomorphic hippo and has a huge rear, but it's still amazing they got away with that.
  • A funny one from "Bearly Alive", when one of Howard Huge's goons is poking Baloo with machine gun:

Baloo: HEY! Quit pokin' me with that thing! You're as bad as my doctor . . .