Tales of Hetalia

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Tales of Hetalia is a fanmade Axis Powers Hetalia game told in RPG format, based on the Tales (series).

In the beginning, it shows the Allies in World War II trying to look for a book the Axis read and end up finding a book entitled Rukassia. After reading it, they are sucked into that very world.

Now, in Rukassia, demons and humans have a bitter rivalry that sparked an attack from the demon queen Medusa, using the body of a priestess named Jane against the humans and the humans retaliated back with the Spell of Judgement which summons the Eight Judges of the Cosmos to destroy them. Unfortunately, the spell fails and both Medusa and Jane die from Jane's intervention.

Skip to a thousand years later where demons are virtually extinct in the eyes of the humans and this is the time where our heroes jump in and meet a demon named Lilette Einmell that accompanies them and tries to help them get back home.

Tales of Hetalia is in English and can be viewed here. In addition, the first couple of parts are getting a remake.

To start, the new part one is right here

Please also note this page is under construction. A Character Sheet will be made to keep track of the Original Characters.

Tropes used in Tales of Hetalia include: