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Asch: No, your fight is with me, Asch! No, Luke fon Fabre! Prepare to die!

    • He may have died in the process, but he took out every single one of the soldiers, including the ones that caused his death.
  • Jade's One Shot Kill of the Liger Queen in the anime by using Indignation. Jade also gets the honour of being the only one to damage Van before Luke finishes him in the final battle.
    • Not to mention his breaking the fon slot seal and one shotting Dist with Mystic Cage. Really, Jade gets the most Moments of Awesome in the anime.
  • Luke's resolve to take a human life if he has to and dueling the Oracle Knight in the anime. It was badass.
  • Has anyone noticed how in the Tower of Rem scene where Luke uses the Ten Thousand Replicas, Guy holds down Tear. He touched a girl for the sake of Luke at the moment killing himself. And then remember Guy is still a bit timid around girls...talk about guts. This troper was amused.