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Suggested rename: "Hey There, Pretty Mama"

QuestionableSanity (talkcontribs)

The current title, "Hot Mom", gives this trope something of a creepy, almost vaguely incestuous, vibe. I'm oversensitive to these things, I admit, but I'm sure other people have made similar complaints in the past.

However, try reading my suggested title aloud. You can't do it without slipping into an Elvis Presley impersonation (or Johnny Bravo, for whom this was something of a catchphrase). My thinking is that the sheer corniness of the new name should go a long way to offsetting any discomfort with the trope. It makes you laugh more than cringe.

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

...I don't see the need to change this one at all. I mean, if it were "Your Hot Mom" I might understand the alleged incestuous overtones, but I really can't see it, I can't.

I mean, it's pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin -- a mother who is remarkably attractive, particularly to younger men -- to the point that MILF redirects here. Why obscure it?

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

I would think the incestuous overtones would come from "My Hot Mom", not "Your Hot Mom".

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

I don't have a problem with the current name.

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