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Arc words in RWBY's songs

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

When I first added that trope to the main page I added only a couple examples, but I've had the chance to do a little dedicated listening and note-taking. Here's what I came up with. I'm posting it here to give other fans a chance to add things they've noticed.

That said, there's a lot here, and I have some some concerns about just putting it in the main page; I'm considering a subpage, possibly unique in title, possibly just Awesome Music.

"Bloody evolution"

  • "This Will Be The Day" (vol 1)
  • "All Things Must Die" (vol 5)


  • "Red like Roses" (Red Trailer)
  • "Red like Roses Part II" (vol 1)
  • "Maybe red's like roses?", "When It Falls" (vol 3)
  • "Like the smell of a rose on a summer's day", "Gold (Acoustic)" (vol 5)
  • "A rose will grow", "Rising" (vol 6)

"I/She Burns"

  • "Yellow beauty burns gold", "Red Like Roses" (Red Trailer)
  • All of "I Burn" (vol 1)
  • "I am the golden one who burns just like the sun", "Armed and Ready" (vol 4)
  • "I'm on fire today", "Ignite" (vol 5)
  • "I'll burn like the sun", "Gold (Acoustic)" (vol 5)
  • "I'm on fire", "Big Metal Shoe" (vol 6)


  • "Black the beast descends from shadows", "Red Like Roses" (Red Trailer)
  • "From Shadows" (Black trailer)
  • "You don't know what it's like to live in shadows", "Like Morning Follows Night" (vol 4)
  • "Rise up from shadows and into the light", "This Time" (vol 5)
  • "Thought that I could pull you from the shadows", "All That Matters" (vol 5)

"I'm/She's Cold"

  • "White is cold", "Red Like Roses" (Red Trailer)
  • "The girl's ice cold", "Dream Come True" (vol 2)
  • "I'm cold", "Cold" (vol 3)
  • "Years of scorn will leave you cold", "Mirror Mirror, Pt. II" (vol 3)
  • "The cold/Seems to grow in my soul, it's consuming me", "Path to Isolation" (vol 5)
  • "Frozen and stuck/Too lonely, it chills to the bone", "Path to Isolation" (vol 5)

"Moon shattered/crumbled/gone"

  • "When the moon is gone", "I May Fall" (vol 1)
  • "Shattering the moon", "Die" (vol 2)
  • "Soon the moon is bathed in black", "When It Falls" (vol 3)
  • "And the moon should crumble", "Gold (Acoustic)" (vol 5)


  • "Mirror, mirror" (White trailer)
  • "Truth will rise/Revealed by mirrored eyes", "Sacrifice" (vol 2)
  • "Mirror Mirror, Pt. II" (vol 3)
  • "Mirrors will shatter", "When It Falls" (vol 3)
  • "Mirror, can you hear me?", "This Life Is Mine" (vol 4)
  • "there's a part of me that stares back from inside the mirror", "This Life Is Mine" (vol 4)
  • "I'm shattering the mirror", "This Life Is Mine" (vol 4)
  • "Mirror mirror, now we're done", "This Life Is Mine" (vol 4)
  • "Looking in the mirror/I see someone that I don't recognize", "Path to Isolation" (vol 5)
  • "Mirror, what's this thing I see? ... Mirror help me, who am I?", "Path to Isolation" (vol 5)
  • "Mirror mirror who will lose it all?", "Big Metal Shoe" (vol 6)

"The Day I/We Have Waited For"

  • "This will be the day we've waited for", "This Will Be The Day" (vol 1)
  • "The day I've waited for is drawing near", "It's My Turn" (vol 3)

Legends, fairy tales, etc.

  • "a fairytale ... Legends scatter", "This Will Be The Day" (vol 1)
  • "Legends and fairy tales scattered in time", "Divide" (vol 3)
  • "It used to feel like a fairy tale", "Let's Just Live" (vol 4)
  • "Back to the fairytale", "The Triumph" (vol 5)
  • "Legends have scattered", "All Things Must Die" (vol 5)
  • All of "Big Metal Shoe" (vol 6)

"Royal test"

  • "White is ... burdened by the royal test", "Red like Roses" (Red Trailer)
  • "Burdened by your royal test/I will not surrender", "This Life Is Mine" (vol 4)

Scattering - refs Summer Rose's cenotaph ("Thus kindly I scatter...")

  • "But they're all scattered now", "Red like Roses Part II (duet version)" (vol 1)
  • "Legends scatter", "This Will Be The Day" (vol 1)
  • "Legends and fairy tales scattered in time", "Divide" (vol 3)
  • "Legends have scattered", "All Things Must Die" (vol 5)
Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

I've moved the above into RWBY/Analysis. That seems to be a better place for it.

To any fans of the series...

NoxiousSludge (talkcontribs)

Is it worth it for me to give it another shot?

I remember hearing about it years back from both friends and people on the net about how good of a show RWBY was and that it was totally worth giving a shot. I did so and decided to watch the first fight scene on Youtube. And I was... well, I was kinda disappointed.

I don't remember much since it's been years, but I remember being really underwhelmed by how... bad it looked. I remember the animation looking choppy, the voice acting wasn't all that good, and I remember thinking that it looked like it was rendered in say, Miku Miku Dance or something.

All in all, I didn't like it, but I kept hearing that it was an amazing show that just keeps getting better. So I must ask: was I being too harsh on it? Is it a series that gets better as it goes along after a shaky beginning, or is it very a much a "Love or hate" kind of thing? I am willing to accept the possibility of it me having been disappointed due to having it overhyped. I honestly wouldn't mind giving it a second chance, but I'd just like some perspective from a few fans before trying again.

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

I think it's worth going back to. The animation is improving every volume -- they changed tools with the last volume, and it's giving them more options than Poser (which was what the late Monty Oum preferred to work in) ever did. And the storyline is developing in directions that you would not have expected from the first two volumes, and getting darker and more complex -- Miles and Kerry at Rooster Teeth have repeatedly said that with the conclusion of Volume 3 the "setup phase" of the story is complete and now they are now moving into the main plot -- so don't assume that just because the first season was happy-go-lucky fun at school that that's what the series is about.

That said, it may well be a love-hate thing. But honestly, I've encountered very few people who hate it. I've introduced many folks to it over the years, and even the ones who expected to hate it ended up eager fans. I'd say go back, watch all three extant volumes, and only make your decision about it then. It's not like it will be a huge investment of time -- more like three nights of movies in a row, total.

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Noxious -- Check out the Volume 4 trailer. The animation for the upcoming season is orders of magnitude better than the first. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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