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Cleaning the Unfortunate Implications pages

Unfortunate Changes (talkcontribs)


So I'm normally someone who just lurks and reads articles, and hasn't edited anything before, but I stumbled into the Unfortunate Implications pages and found that an absurd amount of the examples (on the Advertising page at least) don't fit the trope going by its description.

The failure to fit the trope seems to fall into three categories: Some fail because the work seems to intentionally make the implication (meaning it isn't unfortunate, per the page description). Some are clear items that should be moved due to values dissonance, which the page itself indicates disqualifies it. Most examples don't have any basis for a reasonable person to believe that the implication exists (i.e. In a work, a man was beaten in a fight by a woman. Therefore, the work implies that all men are weaker than women!).

While there isn't any stated 'reasonability' clause on the page, I have to assume that one exists, since we don't want 'the work depicted a fly, which unfortunately implied that all Jews should be gassed' levels of insane paranoia flooding the examples, just because someone out there could probably be deluded enough to believe that such an implication exists. I suppose that you could say it fails to meet the 'entertain/educate' requirements, because a reasonable person would not be educated if they cannot understand how the implication is reached.

Beyond that, a few of the examples are valid, but don't do a good job of stating the three relevant aspects that are important to the trope: the situation, what the apparent intention (probably) was, and what the unintended, unfortunate implication is. In those cases I might edit a little to make them clearer.

I've skimmed what looked to be the relevant pages on editing and all I really found was a request that I be bold, so I'll go ahead and start making amendments where they seem relevant. This post is mainly just so someone can scream "NOOO, STOOOOP" if I'm doing something wrong, and also to ask if there are any other pages I should be moving these examples to, other than Values Dissonance where that's applicable.


Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Speaking with my junior-mod hat on, I'd rather see examples moved to other pages than be deleted outright.

Taking that hat off, I have no idea where to move some of what you've spotted. Perhaps you could make a list of them and other editors could offer suggestions on a case-by-case basis.

And maybe we should add a reasonablilty clause.

Unfortunate Changes (talkcontribs)

EDIT: Ah, now it works. ATT didn't like the version of the page I was trying to reply to, apparently.

Anyway, here are the items I've already seen as something that should be pruned so far:

    • And they did it again! American Apparel ran a contest to find plus-sized models for ads, to show that they were totally not fat-shamers guys, for real, why don't you believe me? Only some people felt the way they went about it and the language they used in explaining the contest were sort of degrading, so one of them, a model named Nancy Upton, decided to take a dig at the company by entering the contest with patently ridiculous food-themed AA-style photos. And she won! The voters at home loved her and she ran away with the contest! So American Apparel...chastised her for being offended by their contest, and said that the real winner was someone who had taken the contest "seriously". "We want fat girls, but only ones who don't think for themselves or have opinions of their own", says American Apparel.

AA outright chastised her for being offended, so "We want fat girls, but only ones who don't have opinions different to ours" is an intended implication, invalidating this example.

Unfortunate Changes (talkcontribs)

...Is there some sort of text length limit, or a limit on posts in a certain timeframe? I can't seem to put all the examples I want to in the above post, and I couldn't seem to post more replies for a bit.

Unfortunate Changes (talkcontribs)

Well, I've got a list that essentially amounts to '95% of the whole Unfortunate Implications/Ads page', but I can't seem to post it. I'm guessing it's passing a length limit. Can I upload it somehow?

SelfCloak (talkcontribs)

Try uploading that list on Pastebin or a similar website, and add the link in your post.

Unfortunate Changes (talkcontribs)

Thanks. Here's the pastebin of changes to the Ads subpage, minus the first one which is above:

Also I've tried posting this like eight times and each time it unmarks the completed captcha and doesn't post. Is the webpage this unresponsive for everyone or does it just hate me?

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

That last part, I can help with - I've set your account rights to "confirmed", which should turn off the entire captcha process.

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