Tarzan (Disney film)/Awesome

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  • Tantor hears Tarzan's cry for help, and Terk ignores it. After spending the entire movie afraid of everything, he grabs Terk and takes an instant level in badass.


    • He then climbs onto the ocean liner and single-handedly beats up Clayton's crew.
  • There's also the first time Tarzan REALLY does his signature yell after killing Sabor. That fight in itself is a CMOA.
  • Tarzan rescuing Jane from the baboons is one long Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Jane gets one, too, when she swings around to knock out one of the men holding Kala's cage. Sadly, only a few minutes later, she's tossed aside way too easily by the Big Bad.
    • Well, swinging is one thing. Holding off a man with a gun is another.
  • Tarzan in the climax of the film threatening Clayton with his own gun and then refusing to shoot him!

Clayton: Go on, shoot me. *chuckles* Be a man.

  • Tarzan hesitates a moment, pushes the gun against Clayton's throat and (perfectly) imitates a gunshot*

Tarzan: Not a man like you! *breaks the gun*

    • The look he gives immediately afterward along with the score's Sting really finalizes the CMOA.
  • Tarzan's nameless parents? After being shipwrecked and washed up on a jungle island with their infant son, they decide to not moan or bitch about it and instead make a tree house that we all wish we could have built as kids. The kicker, the mother for a woman of that time actually helping the father with the heavy lifting instead of just doing the 'woman's' work. Keep in mind that all of this is taking place in the nineteenth century .
    • Hell, "Two Worlds" in general is awesome.
  • "Son of Man" was just awesome! Tarzan growing up, becoming a man, swinging from vines and surfing down trees! Just...Awesome!
    • Hell, the tree surfing in general. I wish I could do that!
      • Who doesn't?
    • "Son of Man" starts when little Tarzan vows to become the best ape ever. The first shot is of him failing to keep up with the gorillas without help. At the end, he's outpacing them thanks to his Badass swinging and parkour skills. That's awesome stuff right there.
  • "Two Worlds" reprise, specifically in the end when Jane and Tarzan swing out to the ledge, zoom out to see them and the beautiful jungle scenery, with Tarzan letting out his famous Tarzan cry!
  • How about Kala fending off Sabor while protecting baby Tarzan? She's more Badass than Kerchak!
    • And she knows it too. When Kerchak goes slightly berserk against her (for defying him about getting rid of baby Tarzan), she not only doesn't move, she gives him a Death Glare.
    • To Kerchak's credit though, it took ten seconds of her glare before he relucantly gave in.
  • In the Son of Man montage, Tarzan climbs a freakin' waterfall!
  • On a meta level, the movie is a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Disney's animators, who were working with arguably their most complex character yet (Tarzan, who was drawn with total anatomical accuracy) and definitely their most complex scenery yet. The result? An incredibly fluid kinetic experience that's virtually flawless, featuring high speed movement where every single muscle stretched and flexes as it should and perfectly in sync with CGI backgrounds that look like paintings in motion.