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List of the characters in Tasakeru and their associated tropes. Contains spoilers.

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The Outcasts


"My name is Hanami, and I'm not who you think I am."

An 18-year-old female squirrel with no last name. As the story begins, she's the newest Outcast. She wears an unusual flower in her hair. This flower has the magical ability to grow almost any plant instantly, in any shape she wants. Hanami was exiled because magic is forbidden by her species' religious views. In Book VI, she received her powers as the keshin of the Goddess of Life when she prevented a mind-controlled Zero from killing himself.

Tropes associated with Hanami include:

Zeromaru "Zero" Takaichi


A male squirrel, 22 years old. He was once a Samurai and is now a Ronin, due to abandoning his service at age thirteen. He always wears black and carries a battered old family sword. He's the only Outcast with family back in the city, a younger sister with some health issues. He later becomes the keshin of the God of Time in order to save Hanami's life, with all the duties that that entails...

Tropes associated with Zero include:

Faun Reinaka

"I don't like to think of it as 'stealing'... more like 'borrowing by surprise.'"

A vixen in both senses of the word,[1] nineteen years old. She's clever, she's beautiful, and she knows it. Faun is an expert thief, she doesn't steal so much for survival as for pleasure ... anymore, at least. One of her hobbies is making her own trick grenades. In Book V she met her lost half-sister, Aria, and learned the true story of her family, which upset her a great deal.

Tropes associated with Faun include:

Ashpaw Longstripe

[to Faun] "The pursuit of knowledge is never a joke... except, perhaps, in your case."

A badger, twenty-eight years old. The oldest of the group, having been in exile for twelve years. Ashpaw is a Gentle Giant, an avid reader whose den houses a small library on all kinds of subjects. He doesn't much like to fight, but when it's necessary he has a very large morning star to do the job.

Tropes associated with Ashpaw include:

Drake Who Walks Alone / Drake of the NightwalkerPack

Ares: "What are you?!"
Drake: "Damned."

A really, really old white wolf who has lived in Tasakeru for longer than anyone can remember. He helps out the Outcasts from time to time, when he feels like it. Drake was formerly part of the Silver Order, but the circumstances surrounding his exile are extremely murky...

Tropes associated with Drake include:

  • Badass Grandpa: In the first chapter of Book III, he delivers a savage beating to Ares.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Like you couldn't guess.
  • Flat Earth Atheist: He believes the Gods have abandoned him, so he has abandoned the Gods despite seeing evidence of their existence firsthand.
  • Grumpy Bear: To the point that Faun's nickname for him is "Grumpy".
  • Neck Snap: He was on the receiving end of one thanks to a Shadowhand assassin from the new Squad 13. It left him paralyzed, but somehow it didn't kill him...
  • Noodle Incident: So far, he's the only one not to have his backstory revealed.
  • Thirteen Is Unlucky: Squad 13, his old unit, was disbanded after something called the chimatsuri. No-one but the Grand Mistress knows the details.
  • Unperson: Despite being the first wolf in the history of the Silver Order, there is no official record of his existence or his squad's.

Supporting Cast

Naole Takaichi

Naole: "You don't have to look after me all the time..."
Zero: "I know. That doesn't mean I'll stop."

Zero's little sister who still lives in Shinboku. Sixteen years old. She has mild anemia, but refuses to be treated differently because of it, and often gets seriously annoyed with Zero's overprotectiveness. She works as an apprentice healer for the Silver Order. Recently she was revealed as a mage.

Tropes associated with Naole include:


A hybrid of all eight sentient species, created by Stalker using Blood Magic. Legion was intended to be the first of a breed of SuperSoldiers, but he emerged mute, hunchbacked, and covered in open sores. Stalker promptly rejected him, and intended to have him kill Naole... but Legion also lacked any sort of predatory instinct. Naole befriended him almost immediately, and the two escaped the Black Rose Tower together.

Tropes associated with Legion include:

  • Cute Little Fangs: inverted, he's got a huge set of chompers, but he's still more endearing than threatening.
  • Cute Mute: Legion can't speak, but Naole is teaching him a combination of sign language and lip-reading so he can communicate.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: "Freakshow", [2]courtesy of Faun.
  • Eyes of Gold
  • Foe-Tossing Charge
  • Heinz Hybrid: Blood from each of the eight sentient species was used in his creation. He has a ferret's eyes, the musculature of a badger, the body shape of a wolf, an enormous tail from skunks and squirrels combined, the ears of a rabbit and a fox mixed, and a raccoon's markings.
  • Is It Something You Eat?: [What 'lost?' Food?]
  • The Speechless

Aria Reinaka TrailPack

"What I see are the pathways, the many outcomes that are possible at any given moment. I see them stretching out before me in infinite lines like the roots of trees, ever-growing, ever-shifting as time decides its course..."

A half-wolf, half-fox seer whom Naole and Legion met in Tasakeru. Wolfoxes are treated as second-class citizens at best in Sankami, due to social taboos against crossbreeding, so Aria is used to being shunned by most people. Aria has a strange precognitive ability that allows her to see possibilities the future may hold; the key word there is may. Her visions are both a blessing and a curse, as she seldom is able to predict which of those possibilities will come to pass. She is revealed as Faun's half-sister in Book V, the result of a tragic, doomed love affair between Morgan Reinaka and a wolf named Ara of the Trailpack. Morgan was completely blacklisted by fox society once this was revealed. Needless to say, Faun didn't take this revelation well.

Tropes associated with Aria include:


"Oh Hollis, I grow tired... When you return, may I find comfort in your arms..."

The current leader of the Silver Order, a religious sect and peacekeeping force that is the largest organized group in Sankami. Her family has run the Order since its inception, with the position being passed down from mother to daughter. Currently going insane from losing her favorite mate, and very nearly losing her daughter. Throughout Book VI, she was possessed by N'Ktane, who used her power and influence to pursue her vendetta against the Outcasts on a grand scale. N'Ktane's spirit was driven out of her by Hanami in her Goddess form.

Tropes associated with Lily include:


"Don't call me 'Little One!'"

A 14-year-old skunk female who is next in line for the leadership of the Silver Order. She is the tough-as-nails field commander of the Order's knights, and possesses a brilliant mind. Nadeshiko can come off as cold and aloof, but she is slowly opening up due to her friendship with Persephone. Her preferred weapon is a massive broadsword.

Tropes associated with Nadeshiko include:


"Please, if you ever need to talk about anything..."

A female rabbit, the first victim of Stalker. After Stalker's death she joined the Silver Order as a Healer, and is now Nadeshiko's closest friend.

Tropes associated with Persephone include:

Benson and Virgil

Those Two Guys who are frequently seen at Faun's favorite tavern, the Fool's Rush Inn. Benson is a raccoon, and Virgil is a fox. Both are drunkards and perverts, but Faun always gets the better of them.

Yuudai Yamano

The Captain of the Samurai Militia's Squad 042. He has a distinctive scar from one cheek to another across the bridge of his nose, and wears armor with a dragon motif as a mark of his rank. Yuudai is an old friend of the Takaichi family, and a fellow survivor of the Week of Blood, who credits Zero with saving his life.

Tropes associated with Yuudai include:



"Now then, I’ve broken your mate, I’ve broken your heart, and I’ve broken your sword. What else shall I break…?"

The Big Bad of Book I IV, and VI, N'Ktane was a sentient Giant Spider, implied to be the last one. She lived in an ancient cavern in Tasakeru and ruled over a Hive Mind of animalistic drone spiders, her children. The Outcasts first battled her when investigating her children's attacks on both the forest and Shinboku, and she and her children[3] were killed when the cavern collapsed. In the end of Book III, Stalker's "soul beacon" pulled her spirit out of the Beneath, but could only take on solid form inside the Black Rose Tower; everywhere else she was merely a ghost. She went on to manipulate Hanami and possess her body, eventually leading to Zero's first transformation as the keshin. Upon returning to the Beneath, she was given an assignment by the Death God itself: "make the sentients suffer". To do this, she was allowed to return to the surface and possess Lady Lily, using her power and influence to hunt the Outcasts on a grand scale. Her plan almost succeeded, but Hanami's transformation into Lady Terra proved her downfall. As punishment for her failure, the Death God permanently locked her into her ghostly state, and made her unable to interact with anyone or anything, living or dead.

Tropes associated with N'Ktane include:


"I do not feel! I do not eat, or drink, or bleed! I never sleep, never tire, never breathe! What hope do any of you have against me? What hope does this world have?!"

An immortal jackal sorceror, Last of His Kind. Three thousand years ago, he worked in the court of the jackal's ruler, the Farao, and was assigned to create an immortality potion. After slaving away for a year, he completed the potion and took it for himself, seizing control of all of Sankami. His rule was short-lived, as a team of mages collapsed his throne room around him and buried him in a crypt, with only an enchanted mirror as a window to the outside world. Renubis was trapped there for the next three thousand years, while his entire race died out and was forgotten. It was Faun who broke into the crypt and broke the seal keeping him imprisoned, after which he tried to resume power again, with Faun as his mate. It didn't go so well, and he ended up making peace with the Outcasts and leaving for parts unknown. He has returned to Sankami as of the end of Book VI.

Tropes associated with Renubis include:


Stalker: "A week ago... Something strange happened."
Persephone: "What was that?"
Stalker: "I died."

Once a wolf named Ares of the Bladetail Pack. Exiled and stripped of his markings as a punishment for raping the females of his pack, he was sent to Tasakeru, where he set his sights on Hanami... Ares was savagely beaten and killed by Drake, but was brought Back From the Dead by the last of N'Ktane's children, which fused to him as a symbiote and revived them both. As something not quite alive and not quite dead, he renamed himself Stalker and began a plan to bring N'Ktane, his "mother", back to life.

Tropes associated with Stalker include:

  1. Fox characters are often over-sexed in furry works
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  3. save one, which was badly wounded