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Sometimes Tatsu and Co. pull through the hilarious fail and present us with something awesome...these are those times:

  • The king of these moments has to be the final boss fight of Condemned. Tatsu finds that he's unable to pick up either of the weapons the game supplies due to some form of bug, so what does he do? He KICKS REASON (And The Hate's Face) TO THE CURB AND AIDS KICKS HIS WAY TO VICTORY!
  • Tonya Spamalot is slowly showing herself to be a Badass Adorable by beating the hell out of everything in the first dungeon that she came across, including copious amounts of condors, mantises, and (a) BATMAN!
    • And she has since won a fighting tournament, where she didn't even take a single hit from the final enemy!
  • Any time Tatsu rants. From telling off a Moral Guardian who tried to get Tatsu to stop saying bad words, to completely dismantling why bad films suck, there is these everywhere.