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    • "Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey" is a Crowning Episode of Funny with such highlights as:
      • Tony winning his fight by default because his opponent tripped on the ropes climbing into the ring and knocked himself out.
      • Latka's adventure in Harlem:

    LATKA: So I was walking around, eh, lost, and I go into the bar and I tell everyone I am looking for a fight.
    BOBBY: Uh, did you find one?
    LATKA: Well, lots of people offered to help.
    LATKA: So, how was your fight?
    TONY: I won!
    LATKA: Oh, you are a bad dude!

      • Jim slipping a tranquilizer into Louie's coffee, causing him to break into song and pass out on one of the cabs. And he's still there at the end of the episode!
      • And, of course, "Whaaaaaaaat doooooooes aaaaaaaaaaa yeeeeeeeeelloooooooooow liiiiiiiiiiiight mean?"
    • "Jim the Psychic", in which Jim foretell's Alex's death. Most of the episode is pretty bland, but the payoff is well worth it.
    • Latka's funniest moment would have to be his daydream in "Fantasy Borough" - a revenge fantasy in which he and Louie have switched roles, costumes, and personalities.
    • A case of Seinfeld Is Unfunny, but before Danny Devito was well known, nobody knew how short he was. The moment he steps out of the dispatcher's cage in the pilot, the audiences roared with laughter.
    • Louie destroying his high school reunion by touching his old crush's hair.
    • Blueberries or blue berries?
    • Jim trying to sell a vacuum cleaner. After his tortuous sales pitch, the punchline comes: "Oh right, I didn't get the vacuum cleaner job. I'm selling Encyclopedias."
    • Elaine meets the perfect man in her cab, and they have a long, intimate conversation on the way to his destination. Then it turns out Louie had been listening in the whole time. The audience's reaction completely drowns out the next couple lines.

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